Support in actual MOBA vs. Support in OW


Let’s look at support in moba, let’s say HOTS, since they borrow stuff from their own games anyway.

The support is limited by cooldown. His mana drains fast. And he doesn’t even heal that much, deals no damage at all. Most supports key thing is utility.

OW support have no mana (infinite ammo), short or no cooldowns and can actually kill people (even mercy) but also sustain entire team.

Seriously, every character in this game is just DPS. Either fat one or healing one. Tanks and healers in MOBA and MMO deal no damage, it’s not their role or duty.



I’ve been saying this for the last couple of months, but people ‘conveniently’ tend to ignore those posts.

Although this isn’t entirely true, but the gap with DPS is just sufficiently large.


Good job of pointing out the obvious


and i’ve been saying since the dawn of the new forums that overwatch is an fps and shares little with mobas or mmos, making comparisons like this rather silly

the mistake is having a pure dps class in an fps that doesnt offer much utility (the only real similarity to these other genres but it works there)


Yet people here on the forums use the argument ‘Overwatch is an FPS Moba’ all too often to excuse the power of supports (or any less typical FPS hero really). Meanwhile supports in OW can’t be further from what they are in Moba’s.





DPS in moba’s have similar restrictions too


There are some Supports that dont relay on mana to heal… Auriel is good example her heals depend on how much damage your protage does. That would be neat to see in OW.

Having infinite healing resource is a problem since as many people noticed in long run you can sustain team indeffinietly. And it just boils down to outliving enemy… Somehow.


Overwatch :clap: Is :clap: Not :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: MOBA / MMO :clap: Game. :clap: It :clap: Is :clap: Also :clap: A :clap: First :clap: Person :clap: Shooter.


Overwatch :clap: Is :clap: Not :clap: A :clap: Traditional :clap: FPS :clap: Game. :clap: If :clap: It :clap: Was :clap: Then :clap: It :clap: Wouldn’t :clap: Be :clap: Overwatch :clap: And :clap: There :clap: Wouldn’t :clap: Be :clap: A :clap: Tank :clap: Or :clap: Support :clap: Class :clap: And :clap: People :clap: Would :clap: Play :clap: COD :clap: Instead :clap: Of :clap: Overwatch. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Never :clap: Said :clap: It :clap: Was. :clap: Point :clap: Still :clap: Stands. :clap: Mechanics :clap: In :clap: Overwatch :clap: Don’t :clap: Follow :clap: Traditional :clap: MOBA / MMO :clap: Rules. :clap: If :clap: You :clap: Want :clap: Healers / Tanks :clap: Not :clap: Doing :clap: Damage, :clap: Just :clap: Play :clap: A :clap: Different :clap: Game. :clap: Stop :clap: Whining :clap: About :clap: Something :clap: That :clap: Won’t :clap: Happen. :clap: Healers / Tanks :clap: Do :clap: Damage :clap: In :clap: Overwatch. :clap: Deal :clap: With :clap: It. :nail_care:


The same bad dps players that complain about supports, cry when they don’t get healed or pocketed.


MOBAS are entirely different games. You can’t just cross at the enemy backline in mobas. Healers can play way more safely. It’s like comparing tanks/healers/dps in dungeons of WOW. Tanks can take the damage because they are just playing against bots. If thoose were real players, you just attack the healers and it’s GG.

If you are asking ofr tanks/healers to not have DPS you dont understand the game. Once healers are dead it’s end of the fight. If tank/healers can’t deal damage, the DPS just need to go to your backline, kill thoose inofensive healers and win the fight.

TF, in that case, are just about who kills the healers first. Healers could be more like bots.

I will say it more easily. If healers can’t do damage, they shouldn’t recive any damage an play absolutely free and the WHOLE game will be about dps role vs dps role, as much as the tanks can’t do damage either. BORING!


Blizzard always had healers,tanks and dps.
In WoW, their moba HotS and in Overwatch.

And I’m thankful for it as it is their uncontested and unique selling-point.

Guild Wars 2 and LoL are over that way ->

They just released new supports that upset the balance with their overpowered and overloaded kits that can consistently damage, have clutch-stuns and clutch-cc, incredible aoe healing and utility.


When was the last time you checked the “damage dealt” stats on Overbuff? Or anything really, even your own personal stats in the game itself? DPS do the most damage by far, I’m sorry that your problem doesn’t exist.


Thank you. My point exactly.


Exactly. And even in MOBAs with ganking, you pretty much always have a carry with you who can help peel for you as well as the fact that dps is much lower giving you more time to escape and use abilities.


By :clap: Your :clap: Logic :clap: Mechanics :clap: Of :clap: Traditional :clap: FPS :clap: Games :clap: Shouldn’t :clap: Adhere :clap: To :clap: Overwatch :clap: Either. :clap: My :clap: Point :clap: Wasn’t :clap: That :clap: They :clap: Shouldn’t :clap: Do :clap: Damage :clap: But :clap: That :clap: Taking :clap: Aspects :clap: From :clap: One :clap: Genre :clap: And :clap: Ignoring :clap: Other :clap: Aspects :clap: From :clap: That :clap: Genre :clap: That :clap: Would :clap: Naturally :clap: Accompany :clap: Them :clap: Would :clap: Make :clap: The :clap: Flow :clap: Of :clap: The :clap: Game :clap: Rather :clap: Unsteady :clap: As :clap: Some :clap: Parts :clap: Of :clap: The :clap: Game, :clap: Such :clap: As :clap: Power :clap: Balance, :clap: Would :clap: Not :clap: Be :clap: Able :clap: To :clap: Be :clap: Implemented :clap: In :clap: A :clap: Logical :clap: Or :clap: Fair :clap: Way :clap: And :clap: Some :clap: Heroes :clap: Will :clap: Inevitably :clap: Be :clap: Favored :clap: In :clap: The :clap: End :clap: And :clap: Cause :clap: Many :clap: Problems :clap: Down :clap: The :clap: Line :clap: After :clap: Release, :clap: Much :clap: Like :clap: Now. :clap:


:gloves: Use these gloves to protect your hands…
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Infinite ammo. Where ana has 15 shots, lucio, zen. All have set amount of ammo. Brig damage is low. Mercy never uses her pistol. Moira the only one with infinite ammo. Define doesn’t do a lot of healing sir. Because last I checked only mercy, ana, and more can match a dps damage with their healing. Meaning half support rooster gets out damage from dps. Gusee what overwatch supports besides zen deal terrible damage. Like seriously most supports average 7000 dmg. Compared to dps which average 1150-1200 damage a game. Stop saying supports deal damage they don’t. This may shock but overwatch support all have a decent amount of utility except moira.