Super unstable since December 1st

Not sure what happened buy OW almost never crashed before December of this year and now crashes CONSTANTLY. Just frozen and poof! I don’t know what to do…

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Ok, the pastebin is here: UhdST4YH

I don’t see any errors for Overwatch crashing in your report, but I did notice your GPU is timing out (141 errors). I also noticed you’re using some Razer Chroma enabled devices. Perhaps your issue is related to either of these things:

I was getting that “rendering device lost” error for a while. It just started all of a sudden in November or December. But then with one of the latest drivers and a Win10 update to 1909 it hasn’t occurred since. But I am getting lock-ups that exist the game. Perhaps they just masked the issue?

If that DxDiag was run within the last day, after updating Windows, then yes, I would say an issue is still occurring. No way to tell if it’s the same issue, a lesser version, or something new, because I don’t have data from before you updated.

You could just remove all GPU drivers and remnants with Display Driver Uninstaller, and then reinstall them. Maybe it’s something simple like the driver being corrupted.