Super slow loading times with Overwatch

I recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 on my pc because I was having alot of fps issues but now whenever I load in Overwatch, it loads SUPER slow. it takes minutes to load into a game and even in the training range. Not sure what’s going on.


Please make sure to include your Dxdiag.

It won’t let me post my DixDiag here on the forums

Even if you follow the instructions from that thread? Is it too long? Use

I can’t post links but the end of the link for pastebin is nHuXHeki

I recommend removing your GPU drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller and then installing the version from July. The ones from Sept have had a lot of issues, and your GPU is reporting timeout errors.

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I don’t work at Blizzard, I’m a player like you. I don’t have any issues with Overwatch at all since switching drivers. My FPS is the same it has always been. The connection is the same. These issues are clearly not affecting or denying service to the majority of customers, and that’s why they are collecting info to try to spot similarities between systems.

The most common reason so far is players being on the Sept nVidia driver. Most that have rolled back, including myself, no longer see these issues. Please try to keep your reply content in this forum productive to the OP of a thread. If you have game feedback or commentary on their business practices, please use #general-discussion or #competitive-discussion.

Nicole I have the same issue as everyone here but when loading the map my goes up to 200 and and after loading the map and still hero models are not loaded it’s stable 80 as usual I mean ping shouldn’t be the problem here so why it goes up

Most pings will inflate as you load the map, but then it goes down to your normal value. If you think there’s a connection issue, you’d want to start a new thread with a WinMTR.