Super low fps, i can't play the game

I got on this game after almost a year, i was running 154+ fps before easily. I added more ram recently but i dont think that’s the problem. I tried uninstalling game, repair, deleting old game files, disabling HPET, DDU, pretty much most options. My GPU and CPU usage is 10%, 30% max, I get about 15-20fps…
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
CPU : I5 6600K
Please help… I tried everything, I want to play the game :frowning:
MSINFO: pastebin()com/q21qiDKf

It’s not advisable to share your MSInfo publicly, instead we would want to look at a DxDiag normally. However, a quick glance at your information shows that you’re using a Razer Chroma device, so I recommend looking at the sticky thread at top of this forum: