(Super) Global healing debuff in OW2?

That’s probably because of Supports all doing 25% less healing tbh. That means that Ana and Bap (With direct shots) were only doing 52.5 healing per second , which is why people aren’t happy in this whole thread.


Yeah, idk what they are doing, but this new game they are making looks like an unfun mess to play.

Might be more fun for the hardcore fps players, but why would those people choose overwatch over a game that does hardcore fps better?


Appreciate the response. Was just suggesting a different way to get the same effect as noted in the demo games this past weekend (i.e.; out of combat healing being greater than in combat healing).

But missed your quote from Geoff about the idea being moved away from, rendering mine moot.

With out of combat self healing passive and reduced healing in combat… what do the developers expect supports to play as?


Personally i cant believe that.

Like we all saw how sombra solo killed rein in less than 2 seconds.

And so the perfect healing for Mercy in combat is 37.5 now?
Why should you ever heal lol.


OW2 was doomed since they announced it in 2019 and they killed OW1 in the making of it. Good job!


What do you mean!? Mercy was always the hyper violent “shut up before I glock you” character in Overwatch lore, don’t you remember?! She was the one who told Reaper to shoot that guy in Retribution! And don’t get me started on what she did to Mondatta!

She’s most famous for her line “Violence must always be the solution!”; of course they’ll turn her into a DPS and buff her glock!


“We accidentally deleted/misplaced the source code for OW1.”

Wait for it…


It’s the same thing. I guess if it makes people feel better.

DPS accessory. You heal chip damage during the poke phase and then you use your utility and cooldowns for 2 seconds before you explode. Rinse and repeat for every 8 second teamfight. Respawn simulator.


That just seems so wrong. The alternative health was so nice in OW; I can’t believe they’re making it all just “more health”.


It made sense for PvE as the traits gave you a colorful vomit of hp bars. But for PvP… hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey Andy can you confirm if the roles passives were active during that game we saw on saturday? I mean supports healing when out of combat, dps being faster and tanks giving less ult charge

Personally, I think that’s a smart design choice. A colorful health bar tells you exactly what each health type is doing. You know your yellow health gives you a defense boost, your blue health regenerates, and you’re white health is your normal health.

I think its obnoxious to see how the game is literally being dumbed down for…what? Deathmatch? So that people can shoot each other? I really don’t think Overwatch can stand up to games like COD and Battlefield when it comes to the raw “pew pew” nature of the game.


Let’s put it this way:

Debuffing players instead of buffing them is NEVER going to feel like good gameplay.

If we’re going to duke it out, we want to feel stronger because of our actions, not weaker because we choose to partake in the gameplay.

I don’t want to be a strong healer only when my team is afking.


Yeah this is one of the earliest changes we heard about that told me exactly what they were gonna do to the game but also made me super worried about that direction


Yeah, no idea how that idea wasn’t laughed off as soon as it was suggested.


Took me a day and I already found more than 7 major flaws, some of which would require redesigning entire ultimates and characters completely from the ground up to not be a balance issue.

Imagine trying to make a healing ultimate work versus an offensive one as support with a healign debuff lol.

It makes me think that they just tried to avoid copying TF2.


My wishlist of OW2 changes had always included to remove heal stacking; if a player receives healing from more than one healing source, only the highest HPS should apply. This would reduce overall mid-combat healing but each individual support can still feel strong. Also, even if someone chooses to play a hero with weaker healing, every support has utility that he can bring to the table, with the exception of Moira who has the highest HPS anyway so would still benefit from the change.

Then AOE healers like Lucio and Brig would never build ult.