(Super) Global healing debuff in OW2?

What do you mean, not being able to heal, build an ult, and having to fight off flankers constantly with no peel sounds awesome, sign me up!!!


Yea, the TF2 way of doing it is prob would be the best.

Perception is a lot more acceptable than what we’re getting despite it achieving the same thing.

TF2! Has! overheals! This makes the combat penalty more tolerable because everyone goes into a fight with increased durability! Have you people even played the game?


Yea but the concept is the same here anyways. Changing the perception of instead of taking 25% less healing during combat, you’re getting more heals outside of combat despite having the heal nerfed.

Sides, the dev themselves said that heals are too effective in combat and they’re looking to reduce that. The question now is making that perception being positive rather than negative.

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Please do this instead of what this whole thread is about.

Ana 65 healing per shot
Baptiste 60 direct, 45 splash
Brigitte 100 repair pack, 80 inspire
Mercy 50 healing per second (60 with Valk)
Moira 65 healing per second
And Zen and Lucio’s healing can stay what it is


I’m just gonna put my thoughts here, because I feel like it’s a massive balance issue in it’s implementation, which also drastically makes support engagement in the game void of purpose.

And I hope they rethink how they’re going to reduce support healing and player engagement.


Lets give Mercy overhealing in OW2 ( ͡° ل͜ ͡°)


Then do this, even though I do not buy their argument that heals were too effective in combat.

Who cares about out of combat healing being lower considering the healing needs are also lower. It’s the better deal as you can heal more in teamfights where your healing output really matters.

The best path forward would be to not nerf healing, but if the devs are going to be stubborn, take the alternate path.

Also, are you even doing anything novel or fascinating for supports? No, do not spin getting my heroes weaker as something interesting and cool…


Ok, I’m sorry if I’m missing something here but this doesn’t make sense. Tanks do less damage mitigation and do more damage so the healing is too strong? What?

If there is less damage mitigation by having fewer tanks that do less individual mitigation, wouldn’t there be a need for more healing to compensate? And if there is more damage being done, wouldn’t that also require more healing to mitigate?


Turns out tanks do tons of damage as well and now that heals aren’t split between them, all of it being poured into one tank makes them very tough.

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He’s just saying that tank’s do more damage than they block. But because there’s 1 less tank doing damage, the healers were too good at keeping their team alive

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I actually think it’s a very interesting change but if it needs to stay it should definitely be something like max 2 seconds to be “out of combat” if you aren’t taking damage and there needs to be some kind of visual tell for both the person who receives healing and the person giving it.

I do know from my conversations with Geoff and Josh that we’re not looking to increase healing right now though, and it makes sense to use the test environment to establish new baselines to work against.

Caveat: I’m not a designer.


I guarantee you there will be an overhealing support.


Who will become an overnerfed support because of the :baby_bottle: :baby:


Isn’t that just what Brig’s old Armor Pack was? But in OW2 all “overhealth” is now green so, if Brig had that ability back, it wouldn’t be Armor, it would be normal HP

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Everything died really fast in the demo, it looked like there was no healing at all, so I’m not buying this based on what they showed us.


What about tankbusters like Reaper, who don’t really fit in anymore, since there will only be one tank?

“B-b-but I clicked on head!!! They should be dead!!! Nerf!!”

Blizzard: yes master overlord DPS. Your wish is my command

Then they’re just gone.


I understand the reasoning behind not increasing healing and I also somewhat understand the thought process behind lesser healing output because there’s less players in general to heal…

But less mitigation overall will equalise the healing output requirements.

We’ve seen that everything explodes in the alpha stage because supports are super ineffective but tanks also do not have the mitigation needed to not instantly explode to drastic damage. It doesn’t feel fun being that inferior to damage on either side and will result in loss of player retention if it becomes that unfun to play those roles.

At this point in the alpha stage, neither role looks enjoyable to play, but the complete opposite. I hope the devs backtrack on what made those roles enjoyable and why their current design model makes them very unenjoyable and unengaging to play. If they don’t do that, their role based gamemodes will be empty of support and tank players, period.

We don’t want shadowlands 2.0 fps version because they’re too stubborn to change their minds.