Suggestions to make Symmetra rework - work

dev statement says they deal slightly more than all 6 of the previous turrets, sorry, but it seems you’re misinformed

Do you mind citing where they exactly said they collectively do more damage, darling?
PTR testing revealed a net loss of around 30 dps. :kissing_heart:


I have this ideas to make the primary fire more consistent and give her more survivalbility and utility

Photon Projector: Primary fire

  • Cause 90 damage per second
  • tickrate returned to 4 ticks per second
  • now soft-lock in the enemies (similar to moira’s beam)
  • the damage no longer escalates with time.
  • increased range from 10 to 15 meters

Ultimate: Photon Barrier

  • Now the duration of the barrier is 20 sec
  • When this ability is activated, symmetra will get a damage improvement for 10 sec
  • The primary shot will cause 180 damage per second
  • the movement speed of symmetra will change from 5.5 meters to 6 meters.

Passive (new): Architech

  • Causing damage with its primary fire to barriers and shields, symmetra will regenerate its shields by 20% of the damage caused per second.
  • Causes 100% damage to barriers, and 30% damage to shields.


  • Casting time reduced from 1 sec to 0.5 seconds.
  • It can not be destroyed before it is ready to be used.

Base statistics:

  • Now symmetra have 100HP / 150S

With these changes would make the symmetra primary fire does not feel unfair to the players who play against it, and the new passive makes it a melting barriers quite efficient as it does not require to charge your beam and expose themselves to enemy attacks .

The changes to the Ultimate would place it in the category of damage as it would be a terror for 10 seconds, destroying barriers in an instant, and being able to eliminate enemies that are more difficult to catch.

Primary fire damage to barrers and shields:

  • 180dps in normal state to barriers.

  • 120dps in normal state to shields.

  • 360dps in Ultimate state to barriers.

  • 240dps in Ultimate state to shields.


They are already strong and very anoying.

It does. It blocks enemy’s LoS for 15 seconds. That’s the length of a teamfight in double sniper meta.

Since you felt like being cheeky with the way you worded your response, I am not going to bother. Find it yourself, it’s probably in the PTR notes about her rework, check Geoff’s posts. Later

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I’m really sorry you weren’t able to defend your position and your accusation of me being misinformed, but I’ve brought up the post you were probably referring to, for you.

These statements are vague and don’t show the exact numbers. And definetly don’t state

they deal slightly more than all 6 of the previous turrets

Please do your best to not put out misinformation in the future! Thank you!


Hey my name is in this post! I think the biggest problem with the primary fire is the ticks per second. The beam initially had 4 ticks per second which made it easier to deal damage was less punishing to use. The new beam has way too many ticks per second meaning that level one charge is super useless and you need to maintain a 66% accuracy on Symm to reliably charge up. 66% accuracy from a character who did not have to aim her primary fire previously. And before the comments of “Poor Symm mains hav 2 aim hur hur” come in. I don’t mind aiming but I want to be rewarded for it, not tickle the enemy and die a second later.


It’s not that I can’t, I simply can’t be bothered to go searching for it to appease you, when you’re using such a condescending tone. It probably wasn’t the PTR notes themselves, but a separate statement made. Have fun searching!

Honestly i would rather have the shield gen back as an optional ult =[


yeah totally agree. and of course it is. your vids are great btw :slight_smile:

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what do u think about my suggestions above? I think is the way to make the primary fire more consistent and not make her a broken hero, idk.

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Ranged placement of the turrets increases their average damage significantly, but not in a way that is easily calculated.

It’s common in games for turret heroes to have high potential dps when you count all the turrets, under the expectation that they will not have 100% turret uptime and range on any single target.

For the sake of example, if her previous turrets did X dps, with an average of 2 turrets actively dealing damage due to restrictive placement rules and ease of destroying them, then they would be balanced around doing 2X dps. If the new turrets do 1.5X dps, but you are still able to keep 2 on your intended target, they are now doing 3X average damage. Despite the potential max dps being 6X in the former case and 4.5X in the latter.

You can’t do exact math on it though. Tuning the range, hit points, dps and slow intensity is all going to adjust how much effective damage they output (in large part because range and damage are basically the same thing). They can make a guess, but balancing it is trial and error. I think they guessed pretty well though, because the turrets feel like they have a lot more impact now.

I can assure you, there’s no further need. Though I do apologise for my tone! I just think it’s proper to back up ones statements with valid sources, especially when you attempt to completely refute someone in a single sentence.

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So, I’d like her turrets to go up to 50 HP from 30, and be placeable on her shield wall. When the shield wall breaks they fall to the ground. I do like the idea of the giant shield giving allies temporary shield, but I doubt we’d get that.

Primary weapon is mostly fine. maybe make it slightly wider and longer, but that’s a big maybe. I’m not saying it’s fine by itself. The whole gimmick of it is really dumb, but She’d be too strong if it got buffed too much.

The real problem with her left click is thus: It’s supposed to be some kind of shield counter, so it doesn’t use ammo on shields, allowing it to ramp up easily. Okay great, but it still kills shields very slowly, and she’s countered by every hero that has a shield. If you try to get close to charge up on a shield enjoy dying.

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it also takes longer to set up now (travel time) and they can be destroyed mid-air. combine that with the fact you only have 3, and that also lowers their potential. it’s hard to calculate but i don’t think it’s X3 vs X2 as you claim

My only problems with the rework are the long turret CD and the M1 is kinda useless in most situations. The ult could use a bit of work however I’ve gotten pretty good use out of it by just running around it everywhere.

They could make her ult do something like each panel of the ultimate deals damage and slows on contact. For her primary fire they could probably just increase the range by 4~6m and decrease the time it takes to charge by 0.25~0.50 seconds. Should fix most issues and give her some more area control and dueling potential.

3X and 2X are just examples. I have no idea what the “true” relationship is.

This is not to say they don’t need tuning still. I’d like the cooldown to go down to 8 seconds, maybe with a nerf to the slow strength and an increase in flight speed. Just pointing out that “she had 6 and now she has 3” doesn’t really say much about how strong they are in 3.0 relative to 2.0.

I get where your coming from but the ramp up idea has been with Symmetra since lauch. The gun even is even designed to reflect this. I think the starting charge should be higher to match Zarya who starts with 95 I believe. Everything else I agree with.

3 turrets can kill a 200hp hero in less than 2 seconds, no.

Those same 3 turrets (if they’re stacked in such a way that all 3 can hit the same character) can also be taken out by a single attack.

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