Suggestions for Brigitte

My suggested changes would be alongside the nerfs Brigitte is receiving to compensate for them. I think they should help her do her job without being “oppressive” but still allowing her to be viable.

  • Shield Bash
    • cooldown lowered to 5 seconds from 7 seconds
    • Damage reduced from 50 to 5
    • No longer can travel or stun targets through barriers
  • Repair pack
    • armor granted no longer decays
    • armor reduced to 50 per pack
    • armor can stack to 100
    • unable to be deployed until round start
  • Inspire Passive
    • Cooldown reduced from 1.5s to 1.0s
    • self heal reduced to 50 from 80 total over 5 seconds
    • allied healing increased to 100 from 80 total over 5 seconds
      Duration increased from 5s to 6s
      Total healing increased from 80 to 100

My reasoning: Shield bash not being able to go through barriers or do any meaningful damage means it’s not going to be anywhere near as lethal. So being able to bash more often shouldn’t be a major issue on a melee hero.

That said even with a lower cool down she is nowhere near as helpful for her team as she used to be. So being able to give teammates extra health protects them in another way. Torbjorn’s armor packs live on! :grin: Her repair packs will not increase past 100 armor with her Rally if someone already had anywhere between 50 and 100 armor her Rally will simply top them off. Removing the ability to deploy armor before a round makes it so you can’t simply give everyone 100 armor at the beginning of a game.

It would be nice to buff her passive healing but at the same time it gives Brigitte too much self sustain. Which is a problem I think Lucio has as well. We’ve all had to deal with that Lucio who just won’t die. Which is why I knocked her self heal down to half of her allied healing. Now she won’t have so much self sustain and be as good in 1v1 scenarios.

If these changes do go through the ptr and come on the normal game she will be dead, there is no more reason to pick her over any other healer since they all got buffed and she got nerfed 3 times. Mercy probably does more dmg than brig now

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