[Suggestion] Tracer British Sign Language emote


Oak here! I’m a very big Overwatch fan, so much so I’m also the GM of the official London Spitfire fan association here in London, Hangar9!

I’m also a Hard of Hearing gamer, part of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing streamers group and use British Sign Language as my second language, home language and at work (I’m a teacher of the deaf too!). I occasionally make British Sign Language videos for Overwatch and Overwatch League. I really love the new Winston emote that shows him signing “Hello, my name is Winston.” using American Sign Language! I especially love, and appreciate, that you used the ASL Sign Name given to him by the Deaf LA Valient fan who was featured this season on Watchpoint.

I’d like to suggest that it would be really cool if you could develop an emote for Tracer using British Sign Language and using her BSL Sign Name. It would be great to see BSL make it into the game, and for our fellow Brit, Tracer, to be using it.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,


I 100% support Oak’s idea. Everybody was crazy when they saw Winston used American Sign Language to say “Hello my name is Winston” and Winston’s sign name was created by the deaf LA Valiant fan. That was really amazing. Tracer British Sign Language emote is a big must! We must have that emote for Tracer using British Sign Language. Of course, Tracer is very energetic and open-minded. She would love to learn how to use British Sign Language for sure! Blizzard, please recognize and support this idea