Suggestion for new experimental mode: 2-3-2

Since 1-3-2 failed, any chance of trying 2-3-2 ? I understand adding another player to the existing 6-man comp would put a little bit more strain on the server and the client, but you have time until OW2 and it would be great if you messed more with team comps.

For instance, Triple Tank and GOATS were amazing for support and Tank players, but DPS players probably felt left out. The same thing happened during this experimental testing with 1-3-2 Mode. The only logical solution to fixing DPS queue times is, in my opinion, just to add another slot to a team comp. And 5 DPS Comps have never really worked anyways, I’d really like to see what would happen if you just added another DPS to the mix.

I know no dev will probably read this, but at least i shared my feedback here instead of ranting about the game literally everywhere but the place where devs actually have a chance of reading it

7v7 has a technical and cost hurdle.

Besides, the maps were designed with 6v6 in mind, many of them would probably require rebalancing or changes for 7v7.

I wouldn’t mind this as an idea for arcade or something but for quick play or competitive no thank you. As a support main, we already get enough thrown our way from teammates saying heal more heal more, with another dps calling out it wouldn’t be fun.