Suddenly Crashing

Today I’ve suddenly experienced Overwatch crashes every now and then. The pop up states it’s a graphics issue, but I’ve checked all my driver’s and my system for updates and everything’s already up to date. It does admittedly happen when I need to alt tab. However, this just started today and I’m concerned. This is a fairly new computer, I got it back in March. I just want to make sure this isn’t a precursory warning sign of something wrong with my computer

What does the error say? I started getting rendering device lost recently which is not because of hardware inefficiency, as plenty of people have gotten it on everything from GTX 1080s to old 850s

I’m not exactly sure, I don’t want to keep playing and get those warning messages from Blizzard about leaving too many matches. All I know is it said something about my graphics driver and suggests I check for updates, and the entire computer screen freezes. I can’t even access Task Manager, I have to restart my computer.

We will need more specific details to give specific troubleshooting. Please write down the error messages the next time you can see them. That being said this does sound like a “Rendering Device Has Been Lost” error, which Overwatch closes because the graphics card literally shuts down.

Starting RDL troubleshooting can be found here: