Sudden low GPU utilization, started just yesterday

I’ve been playing Overwatch regularly and I’ve had 70 fps until recently. Yesterday, I booted up the game and it suddenly goes down to ~13 fps in the main menu screen. According to the NVIDIA monitors, the CPU and GPU utilization are now only at about 20~30%. Why is this? I did not change anything nor do overclocking.

Things I’ve done:
Reinstalled graphics driver in device manager.
Updated the graphics drivers to the latest updates.
Did a fresh reinstall of Overwatch.
Set the game in NVIDIA control panel to the correct processor.
Disabled HPET.

This is seriously annoying as this is only an Overwatch problem. My other games have been working fine. If anyone has a similar experience or solution. Please help.

Is it the issue mentioned in the pins?

I checked that post as well. There is nothing close to what I am experiencing. The weirdest thing about this issue is that everything has been working fine until yesterday. Overwatch just refuses to utilize the GPU fully. Even setting everything to default did not work.

Make sure to add your DxDiag here.

maybe you are using CPU igpu
be sure your DP or HDMI cable plugged to the GPU not to the motherboard port

Hey, I seem to be suffering from a similar problem. Also just randomly today my fps is automatically capped at 30 when the game is capable of running at 60 on my system. Ive checked my system and the cap I set is still at 60. I try different settings, updating the drivers restarting, still no change. This issue only started yesterday as Mitzeru mentioned. I have started to suspect that this is not an individual occurrence