Sudden FPS drops

hey) recently the game suffers from massive drops - up to 15-30 fps. i’ve been playing on ultra setting for about 200 hours and everything was ok. but when i came back to OW a week ago after a few months break this started to happen. it looks like i am not the only one who is having these issues. can it be that the stuff from recent updates somehow caused conflicts with some commonly used hardware or software? btw i’ve tried everything already: wiping and reinstalling gpu drivers, monitoring max temp on gpu and cpu, shutting down every non ms service except adobe and google


Device Name: Razer DeathAdder Essential
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Possibly this issue:

Drive: C:
Free Space: 29.1 GB
Total Space: 227.8 GB
Clear some space and keep 15% free for the drive to perform properly.

Problem signature:
P1: NVDisplay.Container.exe

GPU timed out when Windows gave it commands. This might be related to the Chroma issue above.

thank you Nicole for the quick reply) i’ve already tried shutting down razer stuff. guess i should try uninstall it, free some space on C drive and see how i’d go

Okay, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

it looks like drops occur less often and are less drastic, but the problem didnt go away. anyway it’s better than it was, so thank you :grinning: