Sudden fps drop

Suddenly went from 110 frames to 40, please help

dx diag:= 0FrjQmJS

Some steps that may help resolve fps issues:

  • Check the Razer-related info here:
  • Update GPU drivers (8 months out of date).

  • Update Windows (2 versions behind).

  • Check your laptop temperatures. A very common reason for losing performance is high temperatures/throttling.

Ive updated my gpu drivers, windows, and enabled overwatch for my razer products, and it feels as if my game has gotten worse, it now runs at 20-30fps in a aim arena custom game, and barely 60 in practice range with losts of stutter. I already reinstalled overwatch and still the same results. Would you like another DxDiag? If so it is listed here. kTqRiTDq

Your copy of Windows is not up to date. The current build is 18363, not 17763. You may need to manually check for updates, or disable any additional antivirus software blocking an update.

Your GPU drivers are from May of 2019. The current version is from January 2020. You should download and install Display Driver Uninstaller and then install the latest version of the drivers, because something is happening where you’re not updating them at all.

The Razer software is still reporting an issue. Pay special attention to removing the old version of the Synapse SDK components, as explained in the pinned thread: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #16 by Drakuloth

Since I also see errors from nVidia software, make sure you don’t skip the step to remove all drivers with DDU. I’m guessing you switched GPUs at some point and the old drivers were never removed.

Hey! So ive disabled overwatch.exe on my razer chroma connect. updated my windows and all, but not sure how to update my gpu drivers. Ive uninstalled them, then went to Nvidia and reinstalled drivers from there but the problem isn’t fixed.

DxDiag: dhuDTzAL

Still seeing a lot of the same issues, with the Razer Game Scanner service running (it’s a module you need to disable), your GPU drivers crashing, the nVidia software is still reporting crashes (even though you don’t have that card installed).

I also noticed that your computer doesn’t know what power mode it’s in.

EVR Power Information

Current Setting: {16260968-C914-4AA1-8736-B7A6F3C5AE9B} (Power)

“Power” is not a mode on Windows, so go make a custom power plan that is High Performance only, and see if that helps anything.

The Xbox DVR overlay is also enabled and reporting errors, so you might try turning that off in the Control Panel.

I think this exhausts the help I can provide here, since the same issues are still continuing. You might try Blizzard’s ticketing service, though they will likely point out the same errors, or taking your PC to a technician for assistance.