Sudden disconnects on 2nd game competitive. Got suspended 10 mins and endorsement lv lost

Why tf was my player disconnects from the game at 2nd game competitive.

  1. lost -50 compet point
  2. -1 endorsement level
  3. got suspend 10 mins

When it could rejoin the match but not able to?

PS. after waited for the answer. I’m realized that don’t bother to post it here.
Not even 1 answer. Like community support give a crap about this issue.

Hey there, the technical support forum is still part of the overall message boards and sometimes things slip through the cracks (note the time of your original post was extremely early in the morning for the U.S.). Depending on the moment when you leave a Competitive Match, the match will cancel for the benefit of the 11 remaining players. This happens at the early part of the game. If you disconnect later, an opportunity to rejoin may be possible but you have to return within 2 minutes to not be penalized. As always, penalties will always apply to all disconnections and crashes.

Furthermore, the technical support forum is intended for fixing technical issues and not as a place to appeal penalties (which you cannot reverse any competitive leaver penalty). If you are disconnecting frequently, be sure to avoid Competitive Play and work on common troubleshooting steps. If you need advice executing these steps or want help pinpointing the cause of your disconnections we can help with that.

You said 2 minutes countdown. But from my experiences it’s not there. Just straight suspended from the 2nd round of the game. Not earlier whatsoever.

And the last one. It’s today. I’m just joining the competitive match. Not even reaching loading screen and it goes to the main menu screen without login for no particular reason. And I got suspended for 30 mins and -50 compet pts penalty. What’s about 2 minutes countdown that you said relevant to this cause?