Sudden constantly low fps

Dear Support team,

got a new laptop some days ago and enjoyed Overwatch yesterday at ~150 fps. When I started the game today the fps suddenly topped out at 60, with inmatch performance ranging from 20-50 fps.

I`ve checked the forum for similiar problems and already tried the suggested fixes:

  • Deinstall Razer synapse
  • Update all drivers
  • Check power settings
  • Check Nvidia display drivers (max performance for overwatch)
  • Delete Overwatch settings
  • Reinstalling Overwatch

-> Nothing worked

To be clear, this issue only appears in Overwatch, other games run at their expected fps levels.

pastebin: gXb3KxUL

Any suggestions?


Ive just changed the render-scalling in video setting down to 100%, this makes it playable again at >100 fps, cant say that it is back to normal.
In all menus and at hero selection fps is still at 60 fps, is this normal?

Yes, menus are locked at a cap of 60 fps.

Any further suggestions to bring fps back to normal?

I would expect to see >180 fps at ultra settings again.

You mentioned you were playing above 100fps again, and optimizing for fps isn’t considered a technical issue. However, to point you in the correct direction it looks like you’re still having problems with Razer’s driver software.

Ereignisname: APPCRASH
P1: Razer Synapse Service.exe

P1: RzSDKService.exe

P1: GameManagerService.exe

Thank you Nicole, will have a look!