Sudden constant FPS drop

So until about a day or two ago my fps went from a constant 130-140 to a static 20 with a maximum of 40 and a minimum of 5 and its been killing me, it only happens in game when choosing a character i get over 200 then it immediately jumps back down to 20. ive tried everthing, deleting the cache, reinstalling my drivers, reinstalled overwatch, scanned and repaired. Nothing,I cant play the game. Every other game i have gives at least 100 frames except overwatch.
16gb ram
gtx 1070

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Are you using a Razer Synapse enabled device?

Hey! I’ve been having the same issue. Really bad frame rate drops while in game. But not while I am out of a game or in kill cam.
I do have Razer Synapse installed and i’m using a Razor Keyboard. But I keep it turned off because I don’t like the Cortex.

Do you believe, Tech Support, that the software could be messing with Overwatch?

There have been a lot of reports recently of players having issues with Synapse and Overwatch. It’s actually been a known issue for a while, and each time it comes up, it’s some issue like a black screen or an FPS problem.

I actually know this entire link by heart because I’ve typed it a lot: