Subtitles. Lets talk about them! 👀


Don’t get me wrong – I 100% support subtitles being implemented because as far as I’m concerned it brings nothing but positives in having the game be more accessible and those who don’t need it can just leave the setting disabled. I was just trying to make a Bad Joke.

I’d probably play with subtitles enabled tbh because I am one of those weird people who find voiceline spammers funny rather than annoying.


Sorry for bumping the topic, but I hope more people acknowledge the problem and help me and folks like me to gain an insight from dev team.
It’s been almost three years from the launch date, it’s frustrating to be left in the unknown
Peace! ^^


I can’t imagine playing without those audio cues. I really hope you get a fix soon!

Maybe they could send alerts by adding some sort of companion app like RDR2 did - what, do you guys not have phones?


I know the feeling, after waiting a few years to get colorblind options that actually help colorblind people, and there are still a few major bugs with those.

I think the devs are just generally hesitant (somewhat understandably) to implement accessibility features in a way that can benefit people who don’t directly need them. For example, many people who aren’t colorblind use the colorblind features anyway, just because there are brighter and clearer colors than red/blue to highlight things. Similarly, subtitles can notify players of in-game events that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by sound alone, which makes them advantageous to enable, even for those who have perfect hearing.

In any case, hopefully you’ll hear more about it soon.


I understand these concerns. I have been thinking about this for a while and already thought that maybe they could enable the feature only to those who provided medical papers stating their condition? So it wouldn’t be gamebreaking then, but useful for people in need.
Surely there are not THAT many deaf people to overburden GMs with too much extra work?

Congrats on new colourblind options, btw. I heard that the new version is much better than the originally implemented one.
Unaware about bugs, though, which ones do you mean?


I would love to have subtitles.

My hearing is quite bad (birth defect), and because of it do I always enable subtitles in all my games. Unfortunately is this not possible in Overwatch.

Just something like ultimate announcements in chat would be great.


I don’t think it could ever be conditional in such a way. Aside from adding work for support representatives, there’s too much grey area. We could end up with OWL players who have good enough hearing to get by normally but are disabled enough in certain audio ranges to use the accessibility features, which would lead to potentially unfair advantages. It kind of has to be all or nothing.

It is definitely much better. I felt like I was playing a whole new game when the update arrived.

The biggest bug is a rare issue where the team colors randomly switch (specifically, my own team displays as enemy colors, so I end up shooting at the wrong people). There’s also one where different members of the enemy team can be different colors, and sometimes spawned objects like Wrecking Ball’s mines aren’t the right color. I’ve definitely walked face-first into some of those without seeing them.


I’d like subtitles simply because I’ve become so use to them at home.

Every film, television show, cartoon, and video games, I have them on. Maybe I’ve always been that way since anime subtitles I’ve grown up with in the 90s? Or watching too many English crime drama’s/mysteries where I can’t understand what the hell they are saying so I like having words?

Either way, it’s a nice alternative to have for seeing Ults fired and hearing the voice lines spoken in-game since they muffled big time over other sounds.


And dey say…
And dey say…
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And dey say chivalry is dead.


Well said, I am one of many that is still waiting for this feature so I’d really love to hear an update about this :slight_smile:


Yeah I’d really like an update on this too. For people with auditory impairments the game has a much higher spike in difficulty that could be resolved pretty easily


Yeah, you are right about it. It’s not a simple and one-sided problem, however, I suppose that implementation of 50% of solution (i.e., icons/subtitles only for own team ulting would be already a blessing xD

Oh wow… I remember visuals from Torb’s gunfire confused me at times, but what you describe sounds much worse. Guess as a solution to this you could memorise player names, to be aware of player in front of you, although it’s so much harder and absolutely downdragging when it comes to teamfights. I’m really happy they updated the colourblind support! Hope they introduce a fix towards those rare bugs too, to improve it.


The only problem I could see is making the use of subtitles more effective than listening.


How it would be more effective if subs indicated only teammates using ults? Not even speaking of enemy ulting atm.


If it’s just allies I think it would work.


more like 'dont-dont-dont-dont sAss me.


thanks for agreeing <3 the more people see it, the more chances devs see it and maybe finally do something about it! So tired of not having a clue.
Another idea for enemy ult could be that screen subtly flashes or so, so we at least know that enemy team is using something without giving it away.


“It’s Hiiiigh Nooo…UUURGHH!”

“I think your clock’s off”

In terms of Ult, another possibility is to have a small icon pop up similarly to eliminations. This will avoid any clutter when multi-Ults are happening. A setting would be nice as many may not want to see this.


Where do you suggest to put it, just above our ult indicator in middle?
Also, what kind of icon it would be, using every hero’s ult icon or just generic and single one for all of them? It feels to me that small icon flashing with specific ult images wouldn’t break the game too much. If it flashes, lets say, for once-twice and done


Yes, I was thinking the flash (just like the one seen when we TAB.) with the hero avatar in the top-right.