Subtitles just got added on the PTR

Imagine when people realize Hammond’s mech actually completely sugarcoats everything hammond says before translating. He has been constantly cussing us all along through those cute innocent sounding squeaks.


Which version of subtitles are you using everything, convos+ gameplay or just gameplay?

Finally! I had them enabled and noticed they were doing nothing, so I’m glad this is the case. Hard of hearing people will be very thankful as well I assume.


is it working from eng to another language? example like “and they say, and they say, and they say, and they say” from EN to KOR

Wait, if one of the heroes ult has the same lines for enemy and teammate but different language, what will happen?
And does it translate bastion speech?

Just so that everyone knows, not every single voice line has a subtitle working, many of which the Dev team is aware of, but many are not. I have been testing it like crazy, but if you would like to help me out filter out which ones are not working, I have a Wiki Post set up for this.


Pretty great stuff. Thanks devs.

Well, I am hoping that the “It’s High Noon” one is working (will be checking it out presently). That is the one that hard of hearing people have been begging to get for a long time.

Just checked, 'High Noon" is NOT one of the ones

“Angry hamster gibberish, possibly a threat.”

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i hope they also add more communication emotes and ui customisation options as well. dont know why its taking so long to add these basic features when the game has made so much money off its community.

Oh nice, this is gonna be useful :smiley:

Yes, but all that does is make them show up in wheelchairs.


There are people who can’t hear, or have hearing difficulties. I imagine this will be quite useful for them.


Two years since they teased it, nice to see it.

is there anything else on ptr?

Possible for the hearing impaired players? I know many have been asking for things like this.

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Sym: This is true reality! Splits the entire world in half

Now you have no excuse not to hear Sombra uncloak! :smirk:

So… Basically itputs a text on my screen everytime a voice line gets triggered?

I mean, nice to allow ult lines to appear, or to mess around or let the language translate.

But I don’t see a real world comp benefit.

nice to have but not urgently needed.