Stunned players can no longer teleport anymore but you can still teleport out of Zarya's Grav

Is this intentional?
Shouldn’t heroes like Tracer and Sombra also not be able to teleport out of it then?

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She could teleport if rein stunned her too but it was unfair to be honest. At least she can get away from mei who was somewhat of a counter to Symmetra. She can still escape Mei’s ult if fast enough to drop the teleporter.

But is kinda odd though that Symmetra can still teleport out of Grav seeing how teleport abilities from other heroes are disabled.

Teleport is a grav counter. That’s intentional.


That’s pretty neat tbh.
A little bit of counterplay to it and it might make Symmetra more viable in the current comp.

Grav is not a stun though.


I just find it odd that some heroes can teleport out of it and some can’t.