Stuck in bronze 5

I played 7 matches twice and it still show I’m in bronze 5

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The same issue. 7 win from 9 games on DPS - still bronze 5

The issue is Bronze 5 SR pool is 0-1100. With the bug then soft reset of 1000 to 1500 SR. People are starting from 0-100 SR in Bronze 5. I thought the same thing. it took 104 Comp wins to finally get out of bronze 5. I went 7-4, 7-5 then 7-0 at the end to finally get out. lets say you go 7-0 you are at most getting 230ish SR for that 7-0 run. so starting around 0-100 going to take alot of games. The system is bad and a terrible grind trust me.

but for now we didnt have LP system , only 7/20 system … ikd where is problem but i have normal 7/20 system(after 7 wins i have promotion) at tanks , and bronze stack at other roles AFTER rank fix patch