Streaks in Overwatch, Simulation and Analysis and Data

You were implying that I was saying when you play it is like flipping a coin. I never said that. I suggested to compare it to a random distribution. If it is more like the random distribution than the flow state distribution that you are presenting, then it debunks your theory a bit. IF blizzard is forcing the matchmaking for flow states, it will look less like a random distribution and more like that. That is common sense, if someone does something it will look like that something. MEANING if the number of times you go on a W or L streak is much greater than expected from a random geometric series then you are probably right. If it is closer to random chance you are probably wrong.

Comparing models to a random distribution is actually very common in science. It provides a baseline and a means of comparison. Obviously it is not perfect, it is just used to give you a sense of what a value means and something to compare it to.

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