Strange disconnection from ranked game

yesterday I was playin a ranked game in duo. Immediately after I selected the hero I got disconnected from the game and appeared the “lost connection” screen.
After 2 seconds ow automatically rejoined the ranked game and strangely there wasn’t any cancellation game countdown. Moreover i got disconnected from the voicechat too, that i rejoined manually. Then I selected my hero without problems but just before I’d reached the koth’s point I got disconnected again (both from the ranked game and from the battle’s voicechat). This time I waited 5 seconds in the “lost connection” screen, then I quitted the game. Obviously I lost 50SR and I got a 9m ban from ranked.
It was a weird disconnection because my Internet connection was always online and for the absence of the countdown when ow joined the ranked game.
Should I be worried?
Thank you for the help and sorry for my bad english!

Sounds like packet loss, because your internet didn’t completely disconnect, but you loss connection to the game on your end. You can use these steps to diagnose this: