Strafe jumping in Overwatch?


Strafe jumping was a way to move faster in games like quake and counter-strike by utilizing the inertial forces of a/d paired with pressing forward and whipping you mouse left and right which somehow pulled you forward faster and faster.

Felt sorta akin to swimming like a fish.

It was essentially exploiting the game engines’ physics and movement mechanics.


Lucio is more wall-riding like Titanfall, he doesn’t really bunny hop.

Quake bunny hops are more different as you build speed and maintain it over a series of precise jumps.

I would definitely be all over that char, we already got Soldier who follows COD style, getting some old school arena shooter mechanic hero would be awesome and great tribute.

God, I miss those days of Quake and Unreal tournaments.


Thanks for the explanation. I played both of those games and never knew about this. Weird. I wasn’t a pro or anything, though. It was more of a “we figured out how to get CS on the computers in class” kind of situation.


Hmm it could may as well be the Junker Queen. Her crazy attitude would fit perfectly.


You ever played Lucio at decent level? There’s your strafing.


Already responded to a similar comment. Lucio is a support that makes teammates move faster. And no, no hero in OW has the legit strafing ability.


Do you mean bhopping? That used to be viable on Lucio until Blizzard made momentum dissipate really quickly. It was a sad time for washed up Lucio mains…

Edit: That used to be extremely viable on Lucio and was the only thing that made him fun to play until Blizzard


Yes. I don’t play Lucio but I’m aware that Blizzard quickly patches such exploits instead of letting people roll with it and have fun. I’m just suggesting to add a hero whose offensive play style would be based on strafe jumping the way it works in Quake.


Eh, from what speculation there was with Junker queen primary weapon (A spear with flamethrower looking attachment to it.), I think she’s going to be more pyro/demoknight hybrid.

I would prefer it to be some Omnic assassin or veteran omnic soldier that survived the two wars, heavily modding himself to match OW top operative like Soldier/Reaper to emulate them.


It wasn’t an exploit, which is just great. Blizzard accidentally changed it with a momentum patch that was just glitchy from the beginning - it was obvious they hadn’t tested it almost at all from the way it wouldn’t even let you walk down slight slopes on PTR.

Imo that global movement change never should’ve gone to live. It destroyed Lucio’s skill ceiling and made Winston’s a little lower, too.


Not a fan of adding omnic characters tbh. I like the ones that we already have and we have enough amount of them. Junker Queen with shotgun and that insane personality would just remind me of Slash from Quake Champions. This would work great with her imo


Note: here’s what lucio could do with 0 momentum loss


Eh, was just throwing suggestions, I was more on the idea that we need some Omnic bad guys.


Oh lol yes I remember this. Never was a decent Lucio player but I found it weird that I no longer see ,wtf is he doing up there’’ moments with Lucio players. Ehh they sure know how to kill fun.


Nah I meant a new hero not Pharah


Like tracers blink or Hanzos lunge?


No. It’s completely different thing. Read some comments from the start.


I dont known what a quake jump is


So hanzo lunge but he jumps left or right?


Just imagine how awesome it would work on deathmatch maps. Which brings me to an alternate idea of implementation of this mechanic:

How about making an arcade mode where heroes will be able to strafe jump? It would probably be broken as hell but very fun to play. Besides, they already have numerous broken arcade modes already including ,No gravity’’ mode that completely changes the games physics so this shouldn’t be much of a problem for Blizzard. It would also make Deathmatch modes even more popular than it already is.