Strafe jumping in Overwatch?


Hey guys. I’m sure this has crossed some minds on dev team, but what do you think about a hero with strafe jumping passive ability? This would bring something fresh and unique in OW and attract some Quake players as well (OW sure could use a player population buff).


I’m not sure what you mean. Like jumping in a way other than holding down A or D and pressing jump?


Yeah just like in Quake. A way to accelerate your speed with jumping. I’m not saying to adopt this mechanic and drastically change the way OW plays, but adding a hero with such ability would be interesting imo.


I feel like a flying hero should have something like that. Very interesting


I think you meant Pharah? I’m not suggesting reworking her(although her rocket launcher does feel like the one in Quake). Lets leave her the way she is. A new hero with a specific design, with boosters on his/her sides(so that it can make sense lore wise) would be great.


Would make things more fun and interesting.

Give him a shotgun and he’ll be golden.


do you mean similar to hanzos jump? or do you mean how they accelerate their movement speed by jumping forward and right and looking left and and looking right and jumping left?


No not talking about Hanzo’s jump. I literally want a hero with Quake mechanic yes lol


i don’t know if that is possible, quake jumping is essentially how the physics work in that game.

it might be possible idk, but then again i think you would be really vulnerable to a lot, it’s a fun mechanic but idk how that would work or what abilities that character would have.


I’m sure the devs can think of something about the character’s other abilities and weapons. But I think this is highly possible in OW engine. That’s vulnerable yes but there are other heroes that require good mechanical skill too.


what comes to mind is lucio, i think he does this to a degree by abusing the speed buff he gets from jumping off walls and increases his speed that way.

but could you imagine if reaper got that as a new passive instead of lifesteal? i think that would have been pretty sick :smiley:


Yeah but I was thinking about a hero with pump action shotgun :smiley: I just love shotguns a lot but it could also be something else.

Community-Made Heroes?

i love shotguns too, and yes pump action, oh god i love that.

but just to persuade you a little, remember reaper beyblade meta? what if reaper could pick up speed and then just bey blade through? ofc without lifesteal it would be a lot riskier aswell, but still.


Yeah they would need to think about some defense for that hero but a close/mid range weapon would be a must, otherwise adding such hero wouldn’t make any sense.

I don’t remember which meta you have in mind. I’m more for adding a new hero that would bring something fresh in OW. Lets leave the Reaper be that sneaky flanker he is.


Coming from somebody who was obsessed with bhopping in games like counter strike and quake, that’d be extremely fun to play.


Used to play Quake religiously, clan life, all that, so I personally would love a new hero that takes advantage of s jumping, making them move faster gradually.


that’s true but i mean reaper does have the biker skin, and now lucio wouldn’t need to taxi him everywhere, also he could still do the whole flanker thing aswell, it would just be another part of his kit.


Ikr. I just started playing Quake Champions and have been thinking how cool it would be if OW had something like this implemented in it somehow.


A bhopping character would kinda steal Lucio’s gimmick though.


Yeah but they already had a sniper in the game but still made space for Ana. You know what I’m saying? Also, Lucio’s speed buff affects all the heroes around him. He’s a support. I’m talking about an offensive damage dealer that would require mechanical skill.