Storm arrow needs work

true. tanks are not supposed to be invincible.

what do you mean “a single use”? it has SIX ARROWS!

You activate the ability and you get 6 rapid shot arrows. That is a single use of the ability.

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Lmao what bias. Hanzo can kill Tanks in under seconds with One arrow and instant fire SA, Mercy takes probably 3 times longer or more

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Fan the Hammer damage reduced from 70 to 45 WITHOUT HEADSHOTS was an overnerf. Pls


It’s already getting nerfed.

I hope they tack a couple seconds onto the cool down as well.

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And no they’re not supposed to be invincible, but a single, non-ultimate ability shouldn’t be able to take them down. They’re there to absorb damage and Storm Arrow puts out up to 160 damage per shot if you get 6 consecutive headshots. That’s more health than almost 2 tanks combined.

3 headshots on Orisa = death, a tank that relies on using a deployable shield. Hanzo gets behind the shield? Pop, you’ve got a dead Orisa. 4 headshots on a Roadhog? Pop, dead Roadhog. All 6 on a Reinhardt or D.Va? Dead tanks. It’s ridiculous.

which tank is stupid enough to just stand there and do nothing?

With his new Lunge ability Hanzo can just leap into your face and shoot point blank.

Most tanks don’t, but because of the size of the projectile hit-boxes and how slow the tanks move, it’s not rocket science for a decent enough player to line up headshots when the ability is active.

then do something (zarya bubble, roadhog hook, rein charge, orisa fortify, dva boosters, ect)

You’re assuming they have the time to react to it. Majority of the time you don’t.

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which hanzo goes flanking? maybe your team is solely reliant on you to protect their 5 dps composition.

one button press. very hard.

Which Hanzo goes flanking? Since he got the dash which Hanzo DOESN’T go flanking?

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the ones with the enemy team taking minor anti-push strats in the backline (torb turret near point/ where orisa is)

All a Torbjorn turret does is delay flankers since it’s so easily destroyed.

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no flankers have power to destroy a proper torbs turret. ( i have over 100 hours engineer on tf2 so i know about builders)

So the ones that go up against a very specific team comp? And what about every other time? In my experience it’s happening every game I play. If you’re not flanking as Hanzo now that you’ve got the dash, you’re making it a lot harder on yourself.

Ps. Junkrat, a good Tracer, Reaper… Hanzo… they can easily take out Torb’s turret.

I’ve got over 1,500 hours in TF2 I know how builders work as well. Torb’s turret is pretty easy to kill compared to an Engineer’s sentry gun.