Stop whining about smurfs

There are alot of smurfs at ow don’t fool yourself believing thats not possible.There are alot but with the way they balance the game it’s always winable. I play with friends at 1k lower sr than me and we always can lose if we do bad teamplay even if im obviously better than all of them.It’s season 20.Not a solo carry game anymore it’s 100% clean teamplay

Fabricated in the sense that there is an “abundance of smurfs” in OW.
I have tried playing as close to 100 games in Season 19 as possible and probably played like 60-70 games in Bronze where there are supposedly, the highest proliferation of smurfs. In many of my games, my daughter was sitting beside me watching.

I can safely count on less than my ten fingers the number of games which i as well as my daughter I.D. smurfs.
The bigger issue were Throwers actually but even then they were less than 10% of my games.

Yeah, well, probably Ares was just having a bad day, idk.

But you are a cool dude, for sure, coolwolf457!

I dont think so, its actualy a lot harder to make it to bronze than make it to diamond.

Telling people to stop “whining” is completely toxic and not at all reasonable.

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Its not cheating, how is skill cheating?

It’s not just a simple case of skill.

Skill on its own is not cheating.

The issue with smurfs is that they’re playing in a rank far below their usual rank.

They’re using their skills against opponents that cannot hope to match their skill level.

It’s like an NBA player going and playing in a high school basketball game. Of course their skills are going to be better.

Playing in a rank far below their own gives smurfs an unfair advantage over players actually at those lower ranks, and according to Blizzard anything that gives an unfair advantage is cheating.


So you said

And then said

unfair because they have more skill? Is that the only thing?

Because then that would mean its not cheating

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Oh yeeeaaa smurfs arn’t a problem at alllll
[sarcasm intensifies]

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No, it’s not the only thing.

It was clearly explained in my previous post. You’re just conveniently omitting parts of it.

Do try and improve your reading comprehension in future.

Um, my friend, i read a 400 page book in under an hour

Then how is it you misread my post so terribly?

I didnt, I used youre words against you

You clearly did.

No, you tried and failed.

Also “unfair advantage” are Blizzard’s words, not mine.

And blizzard said Smurfing isnt reportable

They have not said that at all.

Not surprising, considering it would be at odds with what their in game reporting system defines as cheating.

Well, you must be forgetful


He’s talking about creating new accounts, not smurfing.

Try again.

In high plat/low diamond they’re in about half of my games.might be because I’m console but smurfs are a real problem. And if you check lfg 90% of the time there will be “4K mcree smurf boosting golds” or some other group name like that. Clearly smurfs arent a problem

Stop whining about players whining. This is the forums where we the players are suppose to post our issues with the game and ideas. You as a fellow forum poster don’t need to read every post. You don’t need to poke the sleeping giant.

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Major league doesn’t play minor league. College wrestling and basketball doesn’t face high school kids. The NFL doesn’t play against college or high school. Division 1 doesn’t face division 2 or 3.

Thought this game was trying to be a e"sport"??? It’s just a cash grab. Doesn’t care about being a sport or expanding on what it could be. It’s just a lousy time wasting game and a cash grab.

it fails to innovate and the only awesome idea was Moba/fps with objectives.