Stop voting to yourself

I have no self esteem, let me be a little proud of myself sometimes >:(


I hate it when I get 1 vote because then i get paranoid people think I voted for myself.


Because sometimes I’m the only one of my team who got a card and I’ll be damned if I’m voting for the enemy.


Because I know the POTG is a broken feature and I’m no longer interested in seeing the same type of highlight over and over again.

Also, I don’t have to see my own stats. I usually check that during the game to see if I’m performing good with my current hero or if I need to switch to contribute more.

If only I could disable it.


A system can’t be productive or unproductive when nothing is rewarded for using it.

Voting does nothing at all. I stopped using it long ago.


Either way, you are waiting the same amount of time.

Good way to try to play with different people though.


If I have to choose to wait at the home screen of seeing the same thing over and over again then I rather chose the first one.

Also, I don’t always leave.

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You should vote the enemy if they play really well because you might see the fabled ''LEGENDARY!‘‘ if they get 10! In comp last week I got 9 votes as MEI. Just needed one more! That and 8 as Widow once is highest I ever got.

Remember the old Mercy?
I got a legendary with 12 vote (yes i voted for myself) . And everybody said i was soo good.
But that was old times and now nobody cares the vote system. and thats sad.

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I’ll think of you when I updoot myself next time OP. Cheers to you!


Im proud of you too, so you get out there and kick butt dude!

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I vote for whoever did good.
If i get over 40% team damage taken i vote for myself.


It’s not like the vote system is itself productive.

Always vote for who did the best.

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If you ain’t gonna love yoself then how the hell you gonna love somebody else?.


OP never got his card voted and it shows.


The thing I like less about the vote system is that moment when 4 red cards appear :sweat_smile:

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When they removed this function from HoTS it didnt improve anything. All it meant was the HoTS equivalent of getting 5 votes happened ALOT less as a result. Also keep in mind that a lot of people don’t stick around post-game for this feature to begin with.

The vote system is so meaningless I honestly never thought anyone would care enough to complain about it.

Voting literally means nothing and gives you nothing so why such a big deal? Vote for whoever you wanna vote for, including yourself. Especially if you clearly are the one who carried your entire team :stuck_out_tongue: