Stop using the PTR for so long


Dear Blizzard,

Can you guys stop using to the PTR for so long? Realistically you should just need to use the PTR for about 1 weekend, to make sure nothing really breaks when deployed on there. Once that is done, ALL the changes on the PTR should be moved to QP/Arcade only for a week or two, then pushed to Comp. If there are game breaking bugs found while in the short PTR duration that is fine, and what the PTR really is for, but let us know that the transition will be delayed.

Why are you so hesitant to make more frequent balancing updates that people can try out in QP/Arcade without having to download the PTR? This is not World of Warcraft. Balancing changes need to happen a little more frequently, and be widely accessible more quickly.

Please Blizzard, Give the players what they want. Give us more balancing changes quicker. QP is the perfect place to try out balance changes.


PS. Complete new heroes probably should be on the PTR for a week or so and then in QP/Arcade only for 2-3 weeks (while some balancing happens) before being released into comp.

Edit: I really see this as being a great thing for all players, Casual and Competitive alike. Hear me out. If the changes get to QP/Arcade faster, then all the complaining without actually trying out the changes won’t have as much time to really grow and fester among the community. People will be able to try out the strategies about countering/playing around certain buffs/nerfs more quickly. Plus, the main benefit is getting balance changes more frequently, which is something everyone seems to want. I truly think the way the PTR is being used for OW today is why we get balance changes so infrequently.


Yep, they overall need to release new content faster, what’s the point in being esitant if you are not gonna balance it properly anyway (is understandable that you need live server to see how REALLY that new contet is doing).
They release schedule is really slow, they overtest things both internally and on PTR to be sure is fine and than we get Brig design anyway xD
If an idea is good people will like it even if is not perfectly polished (maybe not in ranked ty xD ) if an idea is just bad you can polish as you want is still a bad idea.
I still enjoy OW but i can’t not getting appealed from all the new things in the gaming comunity (im playing a lot of Apex those days for example) and all the developers trying everything possible to get more playerbase( Sea of thieves developers adding tons of new content after the “release let down” they did), while Blizzard is here stting on theyr OWLeague while Twitch and TY views are decaying…
I hope 2018 was a dead year to settle a lot of nice things in 2019, i really hope it.