Stop the mercy spam

Same phrase every nerf they made on Mercy.


Yeah everytime she was still op

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Res opened far more decisions. It punished you for poor timing.
Valk doesn’t need strategy nor does it require timing. Huh.


Pretty sure most of the Mercy threads aren’t copying and pasting the same thing over and over again. With that in mind, I wouldn’t flag them if I were you.


You do realize that Mercy didn’t have flight in her kit with Mass res, right? She at most glided with guardian angel. Your previous statement of “fly and press q” makes no sense.

“No u!” Still proves my point. Your opinions are just that. Opinions. You have no evidence to prove that what YOU find enjoyable automatically means that everyone would enjoy it as well.

Also good job changing your title that told Mercy mains to “shut up”. You’re really making progress here :smirk:


As I’ve seen you’ve drastically changed your post for some reason, I advise you to read the op for this as you seem to think all mercy mains want a plain revert.

They didn’t expect people to actually visit their thread with actual facts. “Time to back track and parrot whoever proves a point with a no u response!” :smirk:

Nope I don’t have the data to back up my claims merely what I’ve seen on here and on social media platforms hence why I didn’t say everyone… we should have a poll actually but not sure that would be suffiecient data either ohh well just as Mercy mains don’t have to bring data onto the table when they speak for the opinions of every mercy players I guess I don’t have to dwell on it either :thinking:

I’m pretty sure that’s breaking forum rules… and hate is a strong word… :man_facepalming:

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So you have openly admitted that you have NO data. Yet you continue to make assumptions on Mercy mains based on “What you see”?

“I saw it! I don’t have any proof but if I see it! It’s automatically fact and I am completely entitled to use what I see to judge an entire playerbase on! My opinions are fact!”

Sounds like a solid path of logic there. And some people wonder why a lot of these “Anti Mercy main” forumers get so much push back in their “Opinions Assumed to be fact”…



“Judge an Entire playerbase on” where?
There is no single word i wrote that said my opinion is a fact. Also look at every single rework that have been suggested and link those that change her playstyle into becoming mechanicaly harder to play… pretty sure you wont find much probs any.

How about you prove to me my claims are wrong rather than lashing out? Cause i can link to you dozens of reworks and non of them has a single change in her mechanical play style… i’ll wait, good luck.


Oh… You are so used to generalizing that you fail to notice anymore eh?

Your lack of specificity means that you are referring to Mercy mains as a whole. You have just judged the entire Mercy playerbase.


I’m still waiting to prove me wrong on my initial comment.


This is what he’s referring to I believe.

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I didn’t generalise and whoops I generalised in my second claim that they posted should have said a huge part of the Mercy players that want a revert/rework, sorry.

With the rampant false-flagging of threads, that’s not going to be of much help.

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You mean with your opinion of

You acted as if this was factual. Unless you use the phrases of “I think”, “my opinion”, etc. You are stating your opinion as fact. That’s how English works, friend.

You are going on a completely different topic, but sure I will entertain you.

Oh, do you have any data that backs up this claim? I would like a link to an official document stating clearly on what changes make mercy both easier or harder. Because afterall, if you’re going to make generalizations on what is mechanically easier or harder for the hero, you better have some actual proof of it so we all don’t assume that you’re pulling opinions out of thin air. Facts please. Not “what you saw” by the way, since that is irrelevant to your argument. Thank you.

I just did… Gg?

And what does you linking reworks have to do with me calling you out on generalizing Mercy mains as “lashing out” when it is supposed to, in your words, “add the fun.” You do know that fun is subjective right? Also, I’m confused as to why you’re trying to change the goal post away from your previous statement of generalizing and thinking that such generalizations are automatically factual. Care to explain? :man_shrugging:



A respectfully done megathread will be cleared by mods without being permalocked like the current one. My megathread was hidden from the amount of flags and then cleared a few hours later. I’ve not had problems with it since.

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James has already made one but most people don’t know about or use it.

But that’s the issue with multiple megathreads for the same hero.

I’ve heard about this but haven’t seen it bumped, myself. I think linking it and bumping it more might help, though there are obstinate people here who will probably continue to spam

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Its clearly not spam though as its not being taken down as such.