Stop! Stoooop! She's already dead!

You’ve nerfed her Bash, nerfed her damage, nerfed her healing, nerfed her shield, nerfed her ultimate and now you’re nerfing her ultimate again.
I see absolutely no point in picking Brigitte now, just delete her and be done with it.


How is this a nerf? I don’t think you understand what this does. It just means the added armor she provides will get eaten up before normal shields.


It’s a buff to her repair pack, you can now overheal Zarya or Zen and it won’t be wasted entirely. It sort of nerfs her ult, but it doesn’t really matter with it only lasting 30 seconds now anyway.


Not a nerf. The new priority order just makes sense and is how it really should have been the whole time.


Soundbarier still sits on top of armour but it dissipates more quickly than brig ult armour anyway. But how is HP with damage mitigation being consumed before hp without damage mitigation a net nerf from status quo? The only nerf I see is to my subconscious game knowledge which has long ago hardwired the HP visual order…

To help visualize it

Old order operated:
Dark blue, light blue, gold, yellow, white, white.

New order operates:
Dark blue, gold, white, light blue, yellow, white.

The only case of additional temporary normal health (aka “nonrecoverable health” ?) I can think of (currently) is winston ult… kind of odd that’d be rearranged… if so, then it should be a different color.

I agree they should consider rearranging all the things on the healthbar to match the priority.

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i think it is logical,every bonus should be on top and be burned first.
and to me it look like a set up to new heroes too.


Winston’s additional HP is recoverable - I had the same thought but tested it out on PTR to be sure. His HP bar in rage w/ soundbarrier & rally is:
White - more white - yellow - gold - dark blue
Since the additional HP is generated under his base armour as regular, healable HP.
I believe they mention the possibility in the notes for logical reasoning / futureproofing / coding transparency…

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It only starts to look strange on Zen, Sym & Zarya while both temporary HP types are applied simultaneously with the alternating white / light blue / gold / dark blue.
Even Hammond with his personal barrier doesn’t break the mold as there is not yet a hero with both base shields and armour HP - which I am sure we will see at some point. Maybe Echo will be 50 hp, 50 armour, 100 shields
At which point we will get the white / yellow / light blue / gold / dark blue.
I still have a hard time imagining a situation / mechanic that would involve non-recovereable standard HP…

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My brain broke itself trying to come up with one as well xD

Oooh. Wait! If there was an ability that debuffed armor to regular health!

Temporary/nonrecoverable armor would then become temporary/nonrecoverable health, no?

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/insert visualisation of turning armour plates into something like warframe’s biomechanical skin.
Possibly something like that to come!
I was thinking more of a support / off-tank ability like armour pack but throwing food at people “fattening” them up for a short duration lmao.

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Hog ult rework “The Fattening” ?


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Honestly that’s exactly what came to mind lol. Like the cartoon I saw once of reaper throwing PIE PIE PIE. It would probably be useful in more situations than his current ult & remain thematic - especially with the butcher skin :wink:

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well overheal health pack or overheal beam could come.


Hey maybe that’s a way to make Moira’s ult more desireable / encourage Moira players to not strictly DPS with it…

Damn At least Mercy got some breathing room between her nerfs.


They said hero 30th is ready and fully playable in their internal build.

They’re part of the roster, which means while testing something with them they probably thought such a change would be better for this hero 30… otherwise I don’t see why you would mention something that isn’t even in the game.

We’re only about one month away from knowing about this hero after all.

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I don’t think that counts as non-recoverable health since it can be healed. I don’t think we’ve seen non-recoverable health yet, which might be a hint at what’s to come. Maybe we’re getting a vampire or something. Has like 150 health to start but can increase their health to 300 or more.

Could be 30,31,32 etc. Or even just a concept.

Chances are good they work on multiple heroes at a time, and if any one of them requires a core game adjustment like this they need to implement it sooner rather than halfway through the process.

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im no realy sure abot the nerf but my real fear is less players are going to pick healer naw.
in numbers we have 2 main healers (of a total 5) and 2 main tank (with a total of 7) in list again 16 dps with recently another sniper added (what we need another main sniper =_= )

I’ve been thinking blizzard should deleter the rol tematic and just leve dps with self heal