Stop saying/implying that climbing is impossible

Yep and he has way more than “3 accounts”


Not really a thing actually, so do I, way, way, way more than 3… that pretty normal now.

Tomato, tomato. However you want to rationalize it, that’s up to you.

Haha…. I don’t actually.

  • Nice try though

Tomato’s are fruits and potatoes are vegetables.

Not the same rationalization.

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Who said potato? Reading comprehension, it’s a thing :).

Logic and intelligence are clearly a bewilderment to you.

GG No Re

Try again, before I give you another 72 hour timeout. Funny thing is, I don’t think you have figured out what numerous accounts can do even on the forums :)… and moving on…

Ask me if I actually care though?

Probably not, as I generally don’t care enough to go through the effort it takes to log that many accounts and find all your posts, but every so often you have deserved the effort, not that I would abuse the Forum rules Blizzard. That would be wrong…


A model citizen. You can’t be any less corrupt than a politician, for that I applaud you.

  • I guess

Shh, Shh, just let it happen, relax, it will hurt less that way.

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It hurts so good though

It’s not impossible. It’s just time consuming. You constantly do 3 steps forward, and 2 backward.

Sick burn!

When the game originally came out, I paid $60. How long does that $60 keep the servers running? The idea people would buy skins and loot boxes was probably the thought, but then they gave it away for free.

Someone has to revisit the archives! Also the -3 to 3 also supports the “mmr chases the sr”. I’m sure -3 to 3 is maybe added to other factors.

So you’re saying they’re the same thing? :smirk:

No… it’s from a range of -3 to 3. Stores in std dev of .5.

That’s why I always anchored to the gdc video cause it started off with a giant bell curve from -5 to 5.

But then I remembered you didn’t want to see a game developer conference video cause you thought it was biased information. I guess willful ignorance.

If you say so Bob.

No, but the account would be BANNED!!! As this is 100% against the ToS.

The basic fact that MMR is expressed as SD from mean and has a range of ~|3| is true.

How these guys interpret that bit of information, however, is likely suspect.

I’m not disputing this at all, this is well known.

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