Stop nerfing mercy


I really don’t understand what that’s supposed to mean


If this was true and they didn’t care for the opinion of forum topics then they would’ve stopped already. Mercy is balanced right now but happens to have the highest team synergy out of all the heroes in current meta rosters


I think that is far from the truth…


Blizzard never shows mercy to her aslong she is alive


Basically they’re balanced compared to other heroes. It’s not really comparing a hero to another hero. It’s about looking at what a hero can do, and what they trade off to do that thing. Take someone like Widow. She has high, long range, burst damage and decent mobility to allow her to position herself. However, she’s vulnerable in close range situations and she can only position herself every 8 (10 on PTR) seconds, meaning she’ll struggle to escape.

When you look at Mercy, she has consistent healing, strong mobility, rez (a very strong ability), damage boosting and self healing. However, she trades off self-defence, team dependent mobility, short ranged, single target healing, a meh ultimate and a slow cast time on rez which makes her highly vulnerable to actually get those benefits. Every single part of Mercy’s kit has a (fairly large) drawback. Therefore, I’d call her balanced.


I can quess that in next nerf she gets, her gun gets removed

Development comment: "we want Mercy to heal more during Valkyrie"


She needs another rework, not a nerf.


You are entitled to your opinion no matter how absurd it is. Care to elaborate why you think that she’s op? Her statistics are in line with other healers and only her pickrate is high since she has the highest team synergy out of all the heroes in current meta rosters (arguably even higher than Hanzo who’s in the center) especially since Moira’s resource management is currently too weak to upkeep the team and Ana’s sustainability in terms of numbers is a bit too low.

If you want to have more insight onto what’s going on with healers in different ranks I’d suggest checking:
The data is a bit out-dated but no considerable changes have happened statistics-wise


This is not true.
A decent moira has no trouble with resource management unless the team is just eating all the damage they can.

The moira “bug fix” happened after these stats were compiled so any of the moira stats are completely outdated.


It is much easier to nerf Mercy than to boost a whole bunch of other healers.


I don’t think she is totally balanced, but she is far from the current issues of the game.

Look the slight nerf that Hanzo got.


This is condescending.

I never said OP, but I do think she is imbalanced.

Really? I have no idea where you’re getting that from. According to Winston’s Lab, she has the single most play time of any hero in the Overwatch League playoffs. Professional players do not play bad heroes in that volume.

Also, according to overbuff, in Grandmaster she has the highest pickrate (14% which is encroaching on a 100% pickrate) yet she maintains a 54% win rate. Whenever you have a hero with that high of a pickrate that maintains that kind of winrate, it usually points to there being an issue.

Usually, if a hero has a ridiculously high pick rate their winrate should hover around 50% because if both teams play that hero one must lose and one must win. However, this does not hold true with Mercy. What this means is that she is winning nearly every single game where the enemy team does not have a Mercy and instead goes with another healer. That does not suggest balance.

First of all, that is just some random dude posting data that he got from god knows where. Not exactly a reputable source. Second of all, healing and damage are not all that matters. Mercy provides insane utility, almost inarguably better utility than any other healer, while also having perhaps the best mobility. These things matter.

And since that post Moira’s healing was crippled, by the way. She has nowhere near that healing output now. And doesn’t even come close, and now neither does the other main healer.

If you don’t believe me, you can take it straight from the horse’s mouth. Geoff says that Mercy significantly outperforms the other healers in terms of healing output in a match.

Listen, I don’t want Mercy to be trash tier any more than any Mercy main. I actually like Mercy! But that doesn’t mean I want her to be mandatory in every single game, and that doesn’t mean I want her to be the only viable main healer.

As it currently stands, if you’re not running Mercy, you’re essentially throwing the game. She has the best healing, the best utility, and perhaps the best mobility of any healer. Let’s stop turning a blind eye to this.

She doesn’t need anything crazy, and this nerf actually might even the playing field. I fear that it won’t, but I’m willing to wait a month or two to see for myself.


Trust me this won’t be the last nerf


Unless they remove ressurect, people will never stop whining. So I wouldn’t count on it.


Stop using pickrate to determine if a character is balance or not cause team composition / META is not just about how strong a single character is.

And the fact that some heros are weak make the pickrate of other heros higher, not because they are OP but because other are weaker.


Oh, come off of it. Mercy’s at nearly 100% usage in competitive. That’s a clear sign that a hero is overpowered, and badly so. It isn’t because Moira AND Ana AND Lucio all are weak, except by comparison.


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Might not want to be calling others “bad” if you go PharMercy… just putting that out there.


Pick rate is a bulls**t metric. There are only 3 main healers currently. Ana, Moira, and Mercy. Lucio, Brig, and Zen are not main healers. You should always see 1 support from each set in most generic comps. Buff or rework Ana to be playable instead of nerfing the one character you got right in R&D, then you will see these pick rates balance out.


When she goes out of her way to help and heal and save others but in return she gets beat to the ground with all these nerfs as a thank you.