Stop complaining about smurfs here

Isn’t the whole point of forums supposed to make a issue well known so it gets fixed tho :confused:


i feel like if jeff wanted to do something about smurfing he would’ve. he just doesnt see smurfing as a problem

You’re citing a very old quote from Jeff. Since then he acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but not to expect anything until at least Overwatch 2 or later since it’s not an easy fix, apparently.

So no, I won’t stop complaining about smurfs since they are the #1 biggest problem with the game to date.


Again, your information is out of date.

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Its okay and everything but he havent adressed the other definition of smurfing. This one is having alt accounts which just a subcategory of it.

The main definition of it is deranking from high elo and climbing your way back (possibly even boosting as well)

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Could I have a source?

it’s in a dev video that’s probably 6 months old now or more

yeah they have had enough of digital “bullying”

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That’s his most recent word on the situation since they’ve gone almost radio silent while working on Overwatch 2.

I’m hoping we hear more about this @ Blizzconline in February (though I doubt we’ll hear anything until closer to OW2’s release).

Smurfs are not an issue

They are the #1 issue with the game right now, especially on console where they are free to make.


i see. the thing is he is talking about console smurfs. However, i did find a more recent chat with Samito Jeff had. The thing about forums is that they hate any kind of smurfing. Most people that smurf are just trying to play with friends or just want to play on another account. In this dm, Jeff is more concerned about boosing/deranking than the type of smurfing that people in the forums complain about.

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Exactly. I’ve tried to explain it a million times. The issue isn’t people owning extra accounts (and the team realizes this), the issue is people manipulating the matchmaker and ranking system on purpose in order to throw/boost/bully. People who own more than one account but don’t purposefully manipulate the game and just play to win are not the problem. They’re no different than people who own the game on one or more console and/or on one console and pc as well.

Isn’t Quickplay the mode for this? I mean it’s like in other sports, you do not take your friends to sport competitions they aren’t skillful enough, but you can play with them casually in public spaces.

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If they really want quick play to be the mode where people are more inclined to play with friends instead of comp they need to make quick play use the same rules and scoring as comp just without ranks. Let people attack and defend with and against the same group, let it go multiple rounds, not just a single attack or defense and then done.

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I get your point. But I also can understand that casual modes are less restricted in rules to keep them short and easy to pick up. This is also nice if your friends aren’t into the game like you are.

Allowing quick play to go multiple rounds or attack and defend with the same teams wouldn’t be restrictive though. Keep all the same systems and people would still be able to come and go as they please while being replaced and there wouldn’t be ranks on the line so backfilling isn’t as much of an issue.

No doubt whatever measures they put in place to deal with smurfs on console will also apply to PC.

There’s no way Blizzard put time, effort and money into such a major initiative and not apply it to all platforms.

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I completely agree with that! It’s annoying that Casual is barely 1 round and then it back to queue =[ I would love to have multiple rounds in it!

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He is right, it more than well know, any company that have just a little, very little consideration for its customer will do something about the most recurrent topic is the history of this forum. But you know? They do not give a f… about it.

If course they aren’t an issue for you, you’re nearly GM…