Stop blaming the game for the reasons you cant climb


To be fair: Yes he is difficult to play well and get enough impact to climb with, but the clips are just worthless. I have enough highlights with my DPS account (this) as Ashe where i headshot 3 people in a row while not hitting anything the rest of the match. Or the dynamite on phara in the air + HS kill also happens. To clip just one kill like this happens to a blind bronze player too :wink:

But in general i agree with your statements


This is all I ask for my teammates. Seriously all I ask is you play something that you can actually play.

PLEASE dont play Tracer after 20 games with a 25 percent win rate and a sub 2-1 KDR on her. PLease seriously dont troll me in a competitive setting.

This is all I am getting this weekend. Which begs the question. Should we just turn competitive off on weekends cause it’s clear its a total troll fest?



You think I’m spamming the point in that 2nd clip, or even the first :rofl:

Thanks for proving my point that you’ve got no flippin clue what you’re talking about.


I said games are good during the day and get worse around 3-4pm, meaning I’m obviously playing at that time or I wouldn’t know. Half the people I group with are EST but I’m PST so when the games are getting worse at 3-4pm, that’s 6-7pm their time and I stop playing around 9pm EST. I also mention playing on the weekends, but don’t USUALLY play in the evening (beyond 6pm PST/9pm EST).

All I’m saying is that it’s more CONSISTENT before the kids get on, but nobody in silver is actually meant to be master just because they play at 9pm, don’t be silly. Consistent just means someone might hover in a 200 point spread instead of a 400 point spread. This means that if you play in the evening you could just as easily get HIGHER than you belong.


Not everyone can be boosted like you :stuck_out_tongue:


This is only true up until diamond. After that, it’s purely based on if you win or lose, and your average SR versus the enemies


It helps that you’ve stopped playing on the floor by a TV <.<


So maybe the problem lies with the players and not the matchmaker? I mean, if the matchmaker is consistent until its becomes flooded with children and volatile players, doesn’t that point towards the players causing the problems?


Right which gives you an advantage when climbing out of the lower ranks, right? Looked at a different way the guy who’s flexing to try and cover up the deficiencies in the group due to one tricks/inflexible players. He’s punished because his stats may not exceed the average for the hero(s) he has played at this rank; he’s not a support main he’s just trying to help the team. If no one flexed and the team had no heals the chance of winning is nearly 0 - but his SR will be less unless he out performs people who play the hero regularly.

Don’t take this as me saying it can’t be done any other way that’s not the same thing. But the fact is one tricking is advantageous because of how the SR system works below diamond, you literally teach the majority of your player base screw team play just worry about your own stats.

You climb to diamond based off one tricking and now you at least have the benefit of less variance with respect to player skill and a lot less chance of running into players who have 0 game knowledge.


Yes, people are the problem. People are the problem in most systems which interact with people. This is why society has laws to steer human behavior to avoid anti social behavior running everyone’s good times. We have speed limits because people are too stupid to drive in a manner which ensures the safety of them and everyone around them. We need helmet laws because there are people out there with brains functioning so poorly they don’t understand why they should be protecting them.

The matchmaker is not consistent if it was it would do a better job of identifying garbage players who refuse to work with their teams. Instead it looks at your stats, did you perform better or worse than the average hero at your rank. Was your team a dysfunctional bunch of clowns? well we don’t really care too much about that in our team game.

Some roles/heroes’ contribution is more affected by their team than others; tanks/supports especially. If you’ve no resources as a rein/Winston you’re just going to feed all game long. But if you’re a tracer main in this situation you can probably perform well enough to avoid getting nailed by PBSR.


It didn’t give him one when getting all the way up to masters

The sad thing is, a lot of low Elo players have this mentality. You don’t have to have 2-2-2, you don’t have to have every role. But you guys always go on and on about how it’s an auto loss… Good luck dude


Someone else has already point out to you why random clips are meaningless, but I’ll try one more time.

In the tracer flick clip the moment the clip starts you are spamming, the clip starts with a nade of yours aimlessly rolling next to you because you’re just pressing fire without any concern towards what is on your screen. You shoot 4-5 grenades down the choke but you are not actually shooting at anything in particular. You land throw a mine and then hit tracer with a nade. More of this clip was you spamming than not.

If you were say a hitscan (or most other) hero, that spam you sent down the choke would have been a waste of time because their projectiles don’t bounce around and linger for people to walk into.

Junkrat is a spam hero, you spend a great deal of time spamming your projectiles in a general direction hoping they connect. That does not mean you never aim and there’s 0 skill involved. It just means you get a larger helping hand from general chance than most heroes.


I didn’t say it did, I literally gave you the reason why the boost up to diamond is meaningful and you came back with the exact same argument.

Did you read what I said?

I said nothing about 2-2-2, I did elude to the idea that the team with NO HEALER has less chance than the team with 1-2. Where did I go on about where it’s an auto loss.

If you’re going to respond to me, respond to what I said. If you want to make general statements about what people say here and there. Don’t quote me.


But it’s now irrelevant to his rank as he has proven his way past it

Did you?
And you go on about having a 0 chance of winning. That’s an auto loss in my book. If you don’t see it’s relevance I can’t help you


You’re asking the matchmaker to know a player’s personality and predict if they’re going to throw the next game, or if they’re not going to work with their team. To do this, there would need to be a system in place that can detect when teamwork occurs, which is very subjective.

Correct, this is the way the matchmaker avoids subjectivity. Stats and data are the way computers “understand” the world. If you’re playing well, it’s your stats you would want your rank to be based on.

How does a matchmaker detect this, as it’s completely subjective? And why should it care? If your team is a dysfunctional bunch of clowns, what should be done? Should the loss be less severe? I think a dysfunctional team deserves to lose against a coordinated team. If your point is that a matchmaker should avoid making a team that will be dysfunctional, how can it know when this will happen?

Of course.

If you’re feeding all game long, you should switch.

However, this situation most likely leads to a loss, in which case the tracer still loses SR.

Tanks and healers may be disproportionately affected by the quality of teamwork. But they still climb almost as easily as lone-wolf DPS simply because they are almost always necessary for the team to win.


Stop pretending OW is not plagued with issues. Most of the posts complaining about the Matchmaker are not even wanting to be higher ranked so much as they dont want their games to be garbage.

Nice strawman though.


The system would simply need to look at different metrics, yes it’s more difficult than simply sayin “you didn’t do as much damage as I expected you to, so you get less SR” but it’s also more accurate.

As a software engineer I have a decent understanding of how computers understand the world. Stats and data are useless without context.

By taking more than individual metrics into account.

So if you’re a tank main and you get a group that refuses to work with you…you should just go DPS and frag out? or should maybe the game work a little harder to put a team together that wants to do more than just DPS?

Yes it leads to a loss, however the tracer is punished less harshly than the rest of the team. So over time the Tracer loses less for losses and gains more for wins, ergo climbing out.

If you’re a support or tank you just lost more SR than you likely gain with a win because your contribution was garbage. A system that promotes selfish behavior and punishes team play in a team based game is a system that’s in the wrong game.


Pbsr is so inconsistent.

I’ve had bad teams and lost as tanks and lost 28 sr.

Had a game yesterday. Our team got utterly rolled. I was 3 elims and 12 deaths. Team never grouped up properly. I played 4 different heroes to try and stop the rot.

Only lost 24 Sr. Was a pleasant surprise as expecting to lose circa 40 Sr, but struck me as weird an utterly terrible performance lost me less Sr than an okay performance.

Does feel like via careful record keeping you can select certain heroes to main and others to avoid to game your SR gains.

Had a Lucio give me great tip to gain Sr. Amp up speed whenever your team is getting kills. No idea if this applies during a Dva bomb or junk tyre or some such. Suffice to say that your offensive assists shoot up and your SR gains as well.


Is it simple? What metrics tell you about a player’s personality and what metrics allow you to pridict if a person is going to throw one game but not the next? It’s not simple.

As a software engineer, perhaps you would be willing to explain what context the matchmaker should take into account when dealing with these stats, and how it might do that?

Such as?

That would be ideal. How would you suggest this happen? Perhaps through role queue? If not, how do we deal with the disproportionate number of DPS players to tanks and healers?

However, you should also expect to win more games by creating the necessary conditions, i.e. having a well balanced team with tanks and healers.

Again, how do you teach the matchmaker to identify when teamwork occurs and when it doesn’t? This is necessary if you wish to promote teammplay through matchmaking and SR rewards.


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