Stop being afraid of pressing W, plats and diamonds, i beg of you

W key is your friend. if one of your teammates makes a move and calls it out and picks someone or the pharah or the entire pharmercy, move in and take the space instead of staring at the open space as if there’s landmines waiting for you. otherwise, throw about 20-30 matches and get out of plat and stay out. thanks.


But their ana looked at me funny :frowning:


entire team parks itself at a corner, crying about pharmercy being OP
i pick both the pharah and the mercy for the 4th time
“mccree you’re useless”


its an issue in all ranks. In RQ and OQ. probably 1 out of 5 games i get back pedaling tanks. that are afraid of contesting, especially on payload maps.

Happens in 80% of games, tanks refusing to walk past chokes for the whole game and then in the end when they lose they’ll always end up blaming the dps for not killing anything.

nono, always pressing S and Q as soon as possible. That’s the way to go.

the best point to ult is inside the spawn room. the second best is at the choke far away from the point, and from the enemy


It’s so frustrating. Especially when I play tank and I call “push push push!!” when we get 2 kills and I end up being alone, dying, then the team says I over extended. Oh NOW you have a mic. Rather than telling me you disagree with my callout you wait until it’s too late.

In plat/diamond you constantly have to look behind yourself (and do less damage in the process, securing less kills) to make sure the team is actually coming with you.


I’m for another MMR reset, only to send people back to silver and gold where they belong and get them out of plat so we don’t have situations like this anymore. It’s friggin infuriating to be playing with a team filled with people you just think “Okay, who boosted you to plat, and where are they so I can yell at them?”.

Like, people, if you have a mic and you think we shouldn’t push push push, then freaking say it and say why. call out why, say it with words!

you know, I disregarded everything you said and thought about a hero who could have slightly hidden landmines, that would be pretty epic.

group up with the team but duct tape your w key down.
make up yer mind!

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