Still saying Please Enter Post-Paid Number

To anyone: I am currently using Cricket as my Phone Provider and I still need have an Issue when I go to input my Phone Number and it keeps saying Please Provide a Post-Paid Number and was wondering if anyone else is getting this? Is it fixed? If not when will I be able to download and play without entering my phone Number

They did not remove the requirements for postpaid numbers (Cricket is prepaid only) unless you were an OW1 player on PC or connected your console account to Bnet last year. There has been no mention of removing the requirement completely.

Any updates will be in #announcements, not tech support

Thank you so much for the Clarification: Would you recommend that I wait and see what happens?

Nicole, I’m looking for some clarification: For those of us who own multiple games (I own COD:BO4, COD:MW and COD:BO:CW) and have accounts that are multiple years old with accounts in good standing, there is no way to play Overwatch 2 if our phone plan is with a prepaid carrier like Cricket?

Cricket alone has over 12M+ phones in the US, and they account for less than half of pre-paid phones in the US. It is really the case that Blizzard is continuing to block Overwatch 2 for tens of millions of people based on connecting to the AT&T cell network through a pre-paid plan instead of a post-paid plan?

I’ve had my phone and Blizzard account for years, so I’m nonplussed at how my Cricket account is somehow viewed as unacceptable for validating my account. No one in my family has ever run into an issue in our many years of using Cricket prior to this.

Is there any clarification you can provide? I’m just looking to understand this better.

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