Still nothing for Sombra

Then what do you call this PTR Patch notes we’re all reading?


Jeff Kaplan mentioned they want to improve Sombra in the future, but they have that Brigitte problem right now… Shes a everything.

Not EXACLTY that what I wrote there, but he said they want to improve sombra soon.

Is it really that hard to find the patch note almost everyone is talking about it

Where can you read the Patchnotes? I dont see any new one



I pressed “Show Patchnotes” in battle net but I dont have the 1.25 one.

Oh… Okay thank you. In Europe we dont have that XD I just switched to US forum but I didnt found it either

You are literally level 17 without a single minute in sombra.
There’s also patchnotes that have been out for almost an hour.
You are either a smurf trolling or someone that has no idea what he’s talking about yet spreads this disinfo.

Either inform yourself and make an educated post or save yourself and ours the problem of going through these blatant lies, it’s enough being the worst character in the game just to have people with no clue what theyre talking about say that she can single handledly solo carry and that there’s no bugs, the majority of these bugs have been ther FOR A YEAR AND HALF.


Im litterally on my Second Account.

Hey, maybe they’ll respond to one of the fifty threads on her now? Although on that separate pro player forum, they probably just keep saying “NO FIX SOMBRA” over and over again


I can’t believe they did nothing. Like. Nothing at all.

How did they reach that decision? What happened to making sure she landed in a good spot?


Thats a lie so we shut up. Everyone knows it.


Over two months, they haven’t acknowledged the bugs exist…


You have no time on her. You are objectively incorrect. She can’t solo carry EVER.

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She’s got a nasty hack bug on PC. It keeps her from competing hacks. Once that gets cleared up she’ll be good. I play her on console where she’s bug free and she’s great in this meta.

Right, then obviously you’ve done this before everytime you’ve played Sombra with all 0 minutes of playtime on her, right?

I play on console as well and she is very far from “bug free” The bugs are just less noticeable because the pace of play is slower.

What bugs have you been experiencing? I’ve been logging a lot of time with her over the last month and haven’t noticed anything.