Still no sym contender skin

Watch most of the matches completely and on time sign in with everything connected but for some reason no skins

I am wondering if it’s the same for anyone else? And if there is any fixes that I haven’t tired yet

I maintain a troubleshooting guide here. Please carefully read through it.

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The sad thing is I tired all of that expect for the one where you switch browsers and I hope

The skins are delayed because I don’t think there is enough matches left for 15 hours of watch time

By my calculations there is still about 30 hours left in the last three days of the month. Please try swapping browsers for at least 7 hours and see if that works.

Otherwise please reply with the questions I ask at the end of the troubleshooting thread.

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30 hours left huh thank God I guess I will try firefox fingers crossed though

Yep as a reminder, contenders is now live with the China English VODcast

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Thank you for the reminder!