Still no communication from the Devs!

I have not been able to get past the menu screen since launch. Only one person in this forum is being happy and supportive, but feel like you were placed here to calm players down, but that is just not going to happen (watch out for those people who try telling you things are ok). 3 days is longer than any game I have ever had to wait on. They are flat out ignoring us. I can’t even submit a ticket ffs…takes me here. Then they limited our replies to 3 a thread too? Yeah being silenced, but they can’t give us any communication. Pathetic.


Should have seen the queue times for Diablo 2 Resurrected.

Weeks and weeks of queue times, so many unable to play despite paying 40$ for it.


At least you know you if you patiently waited or played at odd hours, you could get in. This straight up just doesn’t let you in.


about like that here too…wait 6 hours in que to enter a match just to get an error message…they say its stabilizing, but the forums tell a different story lol. Also, pisses me off that all the big names are giving the game a great review already. Like, have they even been able to load in, and if they have why only them?

I think this is their plan

  1. Send in their people into forums to calm down angry customers.
  2. If “1” doesn’t work limit their communication on forums to methodically silence them.
  3. Who knows :woman_shrugging:

Pretty much done more then 8 hours of queueing. (around 40 attempts)

And from basically what I can gather… just trying to get on repeatedly is just making stuff worst.

Also the skins and setting were set to default last time. (Thankfully I still own them.)

But will not test past that.

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In the top 99 and about to be booted for the third time. Wish me luck!

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it could be due to the massive amount of bugs in the game and they are having to focus on fixing the bugs this was honestly a bad launch by blizzard

There’s been plenty o communication. You’re here on the forums so there’s no way you didn’t see it

Switch regions to europe or asia

I literally just did this 5 minutes ago on both and got in

Did you get in?

Honestly, I started changing my region to Asia and I’ve been getting in instantly. The NA servers are still a clunky but they posted a slight update on the launcher - things are starting to stabilize.

They just did a huge blogpost about it.

There were some updates last night. You can find them here: Overwatch 2 Launch Status Update - Announcements - Overwatch Forums (

However, I was locked out of the game for about 28-32 hours until I finally got in. I’m on PS5 playing the PS5 version so maybe that will help a bit… either way, it’s still a headache to try and get on.


Check the massive post in the announcements section that was posted last night.

Nope! Got LC-208 ive wasted enough time on it might try later tonight or tomorrow

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