[Still in the game] Mei can be pulled out of Cry-Freeze by Roadhog's hook

Blizz likes. She’s up there with Tracer adn Genji as their is quite of bit of merchandise on the market for her. And skins. She’s up there with some of the most Legendary skins in the game.

Her bug issues are like Doomfist. Whenever the devs get around to fixing their bugs, five other new bugs pop up.

Why would I see her cryofreeze then hooked if I have 16 ping?

Cryo-Freeze should definitely be added in that list.

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This is all about client side (known as “favor the shooter”). In Overwatch, things must be processed at client side instead of server side. It causes weird things, but not as much if the game was server side. All these “bugs” can’t be fixed easily.

When you get hooked out of Cryofreeze, it’s because the Roadhog player has a higher ping than yours. He didn’t see you using Cryo yet, so the hook worked to him. Meanwhile, Mei’s player effectively used Cryo, so that’s why it goes to cooldown.

Other examples:
McCree (with a higher ping) used Deadeye trying to kill a Mercy. At the last moment, Mercy hid behind a wall, but it didn’t appear to McCree, so Mercy died.

Roadhog tries to hook a Reinhardt (with a higher ping). At the last moment, Rein didn’t see Road using his hook, so Rein used his shield and the hook got canceled.
(Note that If Hog had higher ping than Rein, the hook would connect)

Sombra uses her translocator just before dying to a Genji (with a higher ping). Genji didn’t see her translocating, so Sombra died. (Unfortunately, this leads to a real bug when Sombra uses her next translocator).

All other escape and shielding abilities bypass “favor the shooter” though.


And it can be fixed easily, by just including iceblock and icewall in the list of abilities that bypass “favor the shooter”.

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No, they can’t, because again, this is all about latency. If Ice Wall/Ice Block is protected from “favor the shooter”, this would mean that Mei can pull both even when hacked, stunned, hooked or not in position (on your screen) to do so.
Movement abilities, like leaps, dashes or blinks change your position very fast. If your opponent has higher ping, your current coordinates on his screen are different than on yours. That’s why they should be protected from “favor the shooter” (at least a try, because we all know cases where Sombra dies translocating, Tracer dies blinking/recalling, Genji dies dashing), otherwise evasive abilities would be unnefective.
Blizzard can’t control the internet, that’s why bugs internet-related (on a client side game) are tough.

This is their lead engineer specifically saying that they are bypassing ‘favor the shooter’ for certain abilities.

All they have to do is add IceBlock/IceWall to that list of abilities.

Tim Ford, Lead Engineer
Finally, there are a handful of videos in this thread that demonstrate some of the deliberate trade-offs we made against our “Favor the Shooter” philosophy. Any shot mispredicted against a dashing Genji, Mercy, Tracer or Doomfist is deliberate. A handful of other abilities exhibit this behavior as well (Winston/Pharah Leap, Sombra translocate, etc.) We have rules in place where we will not favor the shooter if your target executes one of these maneuvers. This is a trade-off that we have made to accommodate the realities of the internet.


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The first time that glitched happened to me in Death Match the Tracer who had been battling me stopped shooting and watched dumbfounded. “Wtf was that Mei???” 10/10. I don’t know if floating-ice-block-Mei made sense but it did slightly help against having the enemy eagerly crowding around me.

This is not about her floating Cryo-Freeze bug in FFA, but about how Roadhog’s can pull Mei out of Cryo-Freeze with his hook and put Cryo-Freeze on cooldown.

Ah, sorry I know. Just mentioning how funny that bug was.
Now, what was /not/ funny was when I was playing Mei in comp and got this bug. I think sometime last year this bug was around for a while too but then it disappeared? I haven’t gotten it in months until this week. Proof, imo, that it’s not supposed to be an ability effected by latency/lag in this way.

And it’s super frustrating to get rezzed with it on cooldown after dying because it “broke” when the game decided it never went off.

We were actually just looking at this bug earlier this week. We have a fix for this coming soon. Thanks for the report.


Is the team looking into the bugs with Doomfist?

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Oh hey there he is. Hey guys, the other Geoff made it :open_mouth:


Thank you, Geoff. As a former Mei main who’s willing to play her again, this means a lot.

ye this happened to me in a game mei got in her block a split second before my hook got there put she still was dragged and i killed her

That’s what we call bad hook timing. These abilities ignore favour the shooter. Working as intended. You’re meant to bait these abilities out, not just throw random hooks and expect a free kill to be handed to you. You realize that due to latency it’d actually be physically impossible to reactively block hooks with defensive abilities if it favoured the shooter.

What doesn’t make sense is why when Mei times her defense properly (which is a lot harder than pressing shift looking in someone’s general direction) it fails and gets put on cooldown.

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Taken any looks at Mei’s Ultimate?

Here’s a giant laundry list of reasons it can fail.


By the numbers, it’s very avoidable, and provides only 1.3 seconds of actual zoning without additional frost blaster freezing.

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This exactly!
Heros with defensive abilities are balanced with that ability in mind. With a high ping rendering them pretty much useless they end up at a serious disadvantage against offensive heros.

The same thing actually goes for Tracer’s recall or Sombra’s Translocator. I can’t count the amount of instances when I pressed the cryo/recall/translocate key just before dying.

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Cool, now do you want to take a look at actually, properly buffing or reworking Mei so she can make it out of F-Tier?

I’d love to be able to play Mei in competitive without being yelled at to switch.

Your current PTR buffs do absolutely nothing to address her shortfalls or viability.

This is also an issue of “What happens when two things happen at the same side on the server”

The server has to choose someone to win the outcome when two things are processed at the same time by the server. Games like Super Smash Brothers have this issue with grapples. What happens when two players grab each other at the same time? Player 1 wins the grapple fight.

Overwatch has to create a tie breaker internally for each interaction that happens at the same time.

Latency of course can cause two things to be processed at once, but not be seen as though they happened at the same time.