Still got banned and -50

Even after I came back into the match and we won. Like wth? I was only disconnected for a Min or Two. Like I understood if I just didn’t come back into the match, but what’s the point of having a rejoin match button if you still get punished :lying_face:


If you make it back into the match within a minute, I think you should not get a leaver penalty. I think more than a minute would start working towards throwing match territory where someone can leave for 2 minutes, which would effectively cause a loss, then come back and avoid penalties while effectively throwing the match.

A minute or two can be a huge part of the match. At least 2 teamfights, also some rounds can be ended in a minute timeframe. The punishment on comp needs to be hard, if you got a ban for the season, means that happend more than once in this season. Keep in mind that if you get that kind of issue in other seasons you can receive lifetime ban from comp.

If you have unstable network or any other kind of issue. Try to avoid comp, it’s a serious mode who actually heavily affects every player on the match when something like that happens. The rejoin match it’s to reduce your negative effect on your teammates not on you(you deserved the loss, your teammates don’t). If you rejoined you tried to compensate your teammates from your issue(still it’s your fault, not them), but still it’s a issue (left the match during a important time frame).

I’m not judging, just stating the fact that you affected the experience for 11 players with your drop and even if you came back, doesn’t mean that damage wasn’t done.

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Yes you should. A game can hinge on just one teamfight, and the simple act of disconnecting will lose you whatever fight you’re in as well as [possibly] the next one as well.

You DC you get penalized. It’s that simple.

Also, if there were any kind of “exception”, people would use it to troll. So, sorry. Those individuals ruin it for everyone else.

You DC you get penalized. No exceptions.


Not if you return to the game and win before a loss. Has happened to me so can confirm. Why have a “rejoin” feature if the moment you DC it’s a ban?

You only get a ban, if that happens certain number of times in a season.

If you get suspended when you DC, it wasn’t your first time.

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Have you offended the Gods lately?
Cause…that could do you in

Oh I see. I was under the impression a suspension -50 was the same as a “ban”

This is a pinned post from ‘technical support’ section of the forums

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Normally you get the “defeat” penalty. If you repeat that kind of behavior you get time penalty, then ban for the season. Multiple seasons doing so, means lifetime comp ban.