Stealth nerf via bug fix

Honestly, I think this is a good change. But I think people should be aware there is an additional nerf to Brigitte in the form of a bug fix with patch 1.24. This is the kind of change that could easily fly under the radar.

Continuing the discussion from [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – MAY 22, 2018:

Meanwhile, Reinhardt cries in a corner :frowning:

But nice find! I think this patch will be really good for her, and after this she won’t need anymore tweaking.

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It’s not a nerf if it was never intended to be wider than her shield (which was described as the original “nerf” meaning they never intended it to be larger than her shield.)

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They already said they were gonna nerf the Shield Bash hitbox

This is the nerf they were talking about

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No, they nerfed that in the previous patch. They reduced the cone of it on May 3rd. This is different.

Continuing the discussion from [ALL] Overwatch Patch Notes – May 3, 2018:

Actually, she did already have a real nerf to her hitbox in the last major patch. I think it was two weeks ago? But this one apparently is a bug fix, so I guess one was a real nerf and this one was an adjustment/fix?

Here it is

EDIT: Lumin beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue: and they have level 3! Foiled again!

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I do think this patch should put to rest the Brigitte problem. I think she’ll be balanced after this personally.

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Now it’s just a case of making sure the team stays with her so she can heal them

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Yeah, I guess that’s what I am saying. She was definitely overtuned, but her design was very nice and worked. This patch was a step in the right direction for her.