Status Report: Today's update

I am currently playing OW and enjoying myself. My friends are having fun, too, and said this is a cool game.

I have one salty friend who says this game is for babies.

That is all, hope everyone is enjoying their sunday.


This is what every veteran OW player looks like


I’m in this picture and I don’t like it


I feel exposed :see_no_evil:


Well, what games does this person typically play?

How did you find my Tinder profile

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“I can make a mean imaginary Highball… and yes ladies. I’m potty trained.”

Sh!t like divnity 2, apex, wow… etc

I’m a veteran OW player and I’m very happy with the game :slight_smile:

Good for you. The game is still just as broken as before though :woman_shrugging:

I bet you it’s C&C: Tiberian Sun

which was an EXCELLENT game


It feels so good to play this game when you’re new. I have advice: don’t try to learn about the game’s balance early on. It completely kills the fun.

I encourage you (and your friends) and readers of this thread to use as many voicelines as possible. We need to make this game fun and annoying. Personally I am less salty after getting evaporated by someone like doom as long as he’s spamming “and dey say and dey say.”


Hey! Don´t call this games a sh!t. Just because you don´t like RPG?

If only I was that young and cute, with no concern about responsibility, lol.

liar!, since every veteran has left this game

they are having fun, unlike that sweaty genji 1 trick who tbag my body when he killed me with nano blade and type “get gud kid” in chat. ("Cries in discord and harmony orb)

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I play Survival and Strategy games and I still feel like this competitive game is balanced around casuals :grimacing:

It’s sort of balanced around casuals, that’s why heroes like Sym, Mei, and Sombra are weak and have been weak for most of the game’s life.

I- I’m a veteran and I throw tantrums while throwing my walking stick in the air too