Statistics of the month

Brig’s stats within the context of the supports and Torb’s stats within the context of DPS as overbuff calculates them are not directly comparable. It would be if the relative numbers of DPS and supports matter, but Brig’s usage in goats is in the tank slot.


Torb has always had a high winrate because he’s very situational, so you pick him in those situations, then you switch off if it’s not working or if the rest of the map isn’t good for him, so his winrate is skewed a bit because if you switch off then lose, that doesn’t count as a loss on Torbjörn.

I reckon the situation is similar with Brig. Either you have a nice deathball and you steamroll the enemy, or you’re getting countered by Pharahs and Hanzoes and doing awfully so you switch off Brigitte.

a) I just proved to you it isnt.

b) Jf she was insanely strong shed be picked more in the ranks where the comp she isnt good in doesn’t exist

c) so is torbs. So is Symmetras.

D) this includes EVERY rank.

e) that’s an opinion. And a biased one at that.

f) dev said she USED to be strong. Other said shes USELESS.

g) we are not pros. Open your eyes.

Good point.

My point exactly. Supports will automatically have higher statistics than DPS categories because of their lack of options. Theres currently 6v15. And if Brigs stats look like that then it’s an indicator that something is wrong.

Which is outside of 3-3 you will be running her for mixed to low positive results

So if someone wants to use statistics, everything else needs to be factored in… that or just dont use them.

a) There’s a screenshot by Dysvalence that literally debunks what you’re saying
b) dive comp doesn’t exist in plat so no reason to pick her and goats isn’t played much either there.
c) brigitte has twice the pickrate of torb and symmetra combined. and torb and symmetra are typically played on 2cp and hybrid where their winrate gets skewed by the fact that in case of a full hold they receive fractionally more games_won than games_lost in a scenario where they swap off after losing the 1st point. that’s not the case for brigitte as she isn’t a niche defensive pick
d) ranks below grandmaster are meaningless for balancing. grandmaster stats account only for 2% at best of total stats. masters account for 5%, etc. when looking at “all” you’re basically looking at an average of gold and plat since those are the largest playerbase
e) it’s a fact. she is the easiest hero this game has ever seen while also being the most overpowered one
f) developer in charge of balancing said that she is still very strong

g) didn’t prevent you from whining about tracer or genji both of which underperformed in most ranks of ladder, even in M and high GM. but the reason I said that is because you are trying to push an agenda that she is useless, but she isnt. she has a niche that she works in and she is very strong there. But you want her to be a pubstomper that you can pick in any comp is something else.

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it’s not 6v15

torb stats you posted are calculated within what used to be the class of defense heroes

meaning, it’s 7 supports vs 6 defense heroes

the categories are not updated

symmetra is still in support

That assumes that Brig competes with the other supports for pickrate instead of the tanks or DPS, and that’s honestly not an assumption that we can safely make, which is itself indicative of a problem, but the point stands that comparing Brig’s pickrate solely to the other supports is questionable.

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This was the whole point of the thread.

But people think this is an agenda lmao. Smh. We need a balanced game, not a biased one.

Why did you need to ues a capital D…
anyway… your talking against a wall. You can show stats after stats, it wont change the mind of biasd players.

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Hero Role Absolute PR Relative PR
Genji DAMAGE 4.34% 13.96%
McCree DAMAGE 3.99% 12.84%
Reaper DAMAGE 3.23% 10.39%
Hanzo DAMAGE 3.12% 10.04%
Ashe DAMAGE 2.64% 8.49%
Widowmaker DAMAGE 2.46% 7.92%
Junkrat DAMAGE 2.03% 6.53%
Pharah DAMAGE 1.62% 5.21%
Tracer DAMAGE 1.52% 4.89%
Sombra DAMAGE 1.12% 3.60%
Soldier: 76 DAMAGE 1.08% 3.47%
Mei DAMAGE 1.05% 3.38%
Torbjörn DAMAGE 0.92% 2.96%
Symmetra DAMAGE 0.78% 2.51%
Doomfist DAMAGE 0.68% 2.19%
Bastion DAMAGE 0.50% 1.61%
Ana SUPPORT 10.28% 28.97%
Moira SUPPORT 6.67% 18.80%
Lúcio SUPPORT 6.33% 17.84%
Mercy SUPPORT 5.19% 14.63%
Zenyatta SUPPORT 4.93% 13.90%
Brigitte SUPPORT 2.08% 5.86%
Reinhardt TANK 12.41% 37.12%
Zarya TANK 7.31% 21.87%
D.Va TANK 4.91% 14.69%
Roadhog TANK 2.66% 7.96%
Winston TANK 2.39% 7.15%
Wrecking Ball TANK 2.06% 6.16%
Orisa TANK 1.69% 5.06%

Here’s how the pickrates actually are once you use the proper categories

New phone… still getting used the keyboard.

But yes basically.

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If they’re serious with role queue, I suspect we’ll see that eventually.

Can’t wait to see people try to justify buffing the support with the highest win rate.

Perhaps, but I’m looking at balance changes for the next month or so.

Not the next year or so.

I kinda roll my eyes when people talk about winrates, when they don’t understand that they are usually anti-correlated with pickrate.

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If I were the devs, I would hold off on buffing brig until people have settled emotionally regarding her and GOATS.

Buffing her in the next month would probably cause more annoyance than the devs want to.

It didnt work with sombra though… even after retooling her kit. Makes me worried tbh.

Imagine if they had buffed her the month after the nerf though.

They took a decent break with doom and people haven’t lost their minds.

Well on the other foot you can see the destruction in terms of feedback with the junk changes on ptr.

For some characters, their pr will always be ugly I guess :c

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