Started playing comp again. Need some support

So me and my gf started playing overwatch again. We only queue tanks and spent a ton of time in casual before starting ranked. We wanted to make sure we were good with multiple tanks before starting so we could fit into any comp. I play zarya, dva, and roadhog. She plays Reinhardt and Winston. (I’m actually super proud of her. Never heard of a girl playing main tank before and she’s actually really good. I’m sure they exist! Just saying =p)

We had our first placement match yesterday and although we were making tons of space and getting kills, one of our dps (won’t say his class) was clearly holding us back and doing essentially nothing. I even spectated him after to make sure

I just feel demoralized honestly. It was a high gold match and I just feel like one person vastly underperforming can easily ruin the team.

I don’t really know the reason for this post. Maybe some support. Do I just keep trugging along? Does it get easier?? I know some people say that you can carry games but I just don’t know. Seems like one person can easily ruin the game. Thanks =]

2 options, either enable them to perform better (which it sounds like you tried)
OR - use them as bait and do your own thing.
Stick to any guaranteed ult combo and you can patiently get yourself past gold as a queue. Slam bomb is a classic.
Anything that enables you 2 to get 3+ kills consistently within like 30 secs every 1 - 2 minutes, and you’ll win.


I REALLY like orisa against any comps involving divey characters like monkey or doom. That’s usually a good help, but if you have any replay codes I can try and give constructive feedback on positioning and ult usage

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Sorry to tell you but it gets much worse. Eventually the matchmaker will give you a bunch of easy games, you’ll feel like “I’m really starting to get better,” and your rank will go up, you’re on a win streak! Then when you reach near a season high or a tier threshold, you’ll get an onslaught of almost unwinnable matches and have a nice loss streak, might look something like this

loss loss loss win loss loss win loss loss

That’s when you’ll realize the entire system is fake, phony, and garbage. But hey, maybe I’m just making things up, keep playing and find out if what I say is true. My advice is to never ever solo queue, you may be able to bypass the awful matchmaking if you stay in a group, but that ain’t gonna happen in solo queue.


could you share the replay code?

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It doesn’t get easier, simply because as you rank up, so too will your opponent’s. For comp, though, remember that it is by it’s nature a grind, and that progress is a slow and steady climb with plenty of times when you will rise and fall.

The key thing to worry about is self improvement - are you trying to do the right thing for your rank, and is your mindset good? Those two things will help more than anything in the metal ranks. Frankly, ignore the number.


Thanks so much everyone! You’re right it is a grind. Move on and eventually things will balance out huh??? =]

Gonna keep going

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Any competent DPS wont be down in your tiers. They will move out and up very quickly. It is what it is.

Edit: you are playing decent characters for a hard carry. But, you have to be very, very good for your tier to do that. Good luck.

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Someone asked a question and I’m answering it with my opinion, just mute/block and I won’t show up in your feed anymore. From this point forward you are selectively choosing to see my posts if you don’t block me which means at some level you like it. :blush:

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Teamwork is key when duoing with another tank you can basicly hard carry alot of matches.

Zarya, Dva are very good at denying space roadhog is good at shutting down targets, your gf likes to play space takers and distruptors.
To get a feel down on what to improve is coordination.

Your main objective is to protect those around you, you will constantly have to check for potential threats this means you will be on the front lines and backlines at the same time, cooldown management is key for your success and fast reaction/prediction is required, if you want to climb.
If you find that dva or zarya aint cutting it roadhog is there to shut down the biggest threat so be good at his hooks.

Dva has high mobilty and is practicly a babysitter her main objective is doing everything at the same time this can be tough and alot of tanks can tunnel vision with her, but mastering her jet is key. You use matrix to block incoming damage at your teammates so having a fast reaction speed by reading bullet projectiles and eating it up is very important if there is roadhog keep an eye out for hooks and dive at him and matrix it up so your hooked allies don’t die to it. (practicly it shuts him down 100% of the time)

If there is a bastion you can coordnate with your gf and dive at him using matrix dive either winston or rein will do just keep matrix up half way so you don’t blow up.

Zarya is great at space denying she focuses her beam on targets who dare gets close to her, bubble managment is key if you want to get good with her, read enemy bullet projectile and try to gobble as much burst dmg as possible, timing is key, and can save or break your partner if timed incorrectly.

Use her projectiles to deny space that your partner can’t reach and always use it intermittent with your beam attacks, stacking her ult can be difficult which is important to master her projectiles and hit multiple targets. Seek for natural barrier or walls and if a close range shooter dares to get close to your main tank shut them down. Tracking discipline is highly expected if you want to climb with her.

If there is a doom you can deny him by beaming him down, bubble will make dooms damage no-existent making your teammates take no damage. Reaper symetra and hanzo are anoying for your main tank so keep bubble up if they try to engage on your tank. (oh and soldier cassidy as well)

Roadhog is good at shutting down oppenents that you deemed need to be taken care.

Target priotization is important and mastering the hook is key to success.
He’s very good at breaking barriers but is far more effective in flanking and counter flanking.

Reinhardt is very effective at taking space she must manage her shield and aggro, crowd control is key and having the opressive nature of dominating your openents is important knowing your limits, is what breaks or make your rein, seizing opportunities is what rein excels at, any mistake your openents makes you punish them.

She takes the leads and dictates the pacing of the match, if your supports can’t keep up, play around it or drop the pacing speed, keeping with tempo with supports is key if you are out of sight she’s too deep if they are too close you are too passive.

Winston is great at disrupting he plays almost like a assasin, his main prioty should be to kill the squishies, mastering leap is key.

She has to master leap+punch+zap to oneshot a target.
Using advantaguos spots where your enemies can’t reach you is important so space yourself into a good position where you can zap freely and they can’t a do a thing.

Shutting down supports is important because its near impossible to kill a target if there is a support healing it.

Barrier managment is key using a barrier to isolate a target from doing anything is important (fun fact you can make a pharah kill herself with your barrier)

If you see a target low, priotize it, if you think you can pull it off.
Don’t jump into 4-6 man dive, seek for isolated targets and duel them. If the whole team chases you, leap away immediatly.

Map knowlege, map awarness, Crowd control, pacing, and coordination is what is truly important here. If you master this dps doesn’t matter. Its just a extra now.

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Fine line between that and spreading blatant misinformation that is unhelpful and unconstructive in every sense. All you do is foster a community of people who refuse to get better at the game, creating toxicity where people think it’s normalized to blame factors other than themselves constantly for losing games.

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I think you’re giving me way too much credit. If I was saying something that nobody could relate to, or agree with, there’s no way it would catch on. The reason why there is such agreement with the things I say is because on some level people see that it’s true.

I also see it as very constructive in helping to drive change to a matchmaker that I 100% believe is broken. I understand why you disagree, you must not have experienced the things I’ve experienced, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

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Yeah cause I decided to learn how to get better at playing the game instead of whining about how matchmaking is a problem

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I totally agree with that philosophy. If something is stacked against you or even unfair, figure out how to beat it, become better, focus on yourself and improve. But it’s not an “either or” scenario. We can focus on improving our skill at the game to rank up while at the same time asking that Blizzard looks into their matchmaking and fix the problems that everyone is talking about.

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