SR rank problem

lol this is dumb. Stop asking people to “work” with every other bad 5 team members


bad teammates you have to work around, or use as a meatshield.


What’s dumb is whining about how great you are while you can’t win.


What’s dumb is how off topic you took it, learn to read.

Read here.


Below diamond is performance based sr.
The system compares your performance to everyone else at your level.
So if you play soldier & win, the system then compares you vs every other soldier at your rank.
If you did better than average then you get more for a win & lose less for a loss.
If you underperformed you get less for a win & lose more for a loss.

what’s dumb is your toxic comments

What you say here is still correct, but note the updated link at How Competitive Skill Rating Works (Season 15).

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This has been the #1 problem of the game since release. Hasn’t be fixed or addressed yet. My guess is “there is no way to do this”… game design flaw.

Which I guess means if you play many different hero’s, the system has ranked you incorrectly because it doesn’t have enough data. Stupid way to rank if you ask me.

If you are not lying and you have 4 golds consistently in games there is something seriously wrong with the way you play. Again if you are not lying i would guess you are feeding a lot just farming Medals, just spending most time on obj and doing rambo style. It will give you gold Medals but its not right aproach for win.

Its virtualy impossible to stay in silver with 4 golds in games you play. Even i didnt have 4 gold Medals so often on alt and i climbed from 1700 to 2100 in a day.

Medals are only relevant to your current team.

SR gains are based on your performance in releation to how you are “expected” to play as an average player on that hero at that rank.

Long story short, medals mean literally nothing. You can have gold elims, but if it’s just 2, then you’re still doing sub-par.

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Medals don’t effect SR gains, they compare your stats vs the average stats of players on that hero, map, and SR. If you do above average, you gain more/lose less, and vice versa.

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How is giving them the best way to improve and climb dumb exactly? The only way you can possibly win games is by adjusting your play to suit the situation, and your team is a huge part of the situation.

Calling someones post dumb, then telling them their toxic is pretty hypocritical don’t ya think? All you seem to do is call people dumb for having a different opinion, is this a troll account? because it sure seems like one.

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The truth isn’t toxic.

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no it’s not. you still have an advantage when “working” as you call it with 5 bad players than not working together at all

If you found a way to lose 300 SR from a single match, you need to take up streaming. De-rankers have a lot to learn from you.

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so just stay huddled with your group and not get the objective which is the point of the game. No one who plays today knows how to use any type of strategy.

Learn the basics before you start thinking of strategy brother

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says the genji. “heal me”

  1. Genji isnt even in my top 5 most played
  2. This is an alt account
  3. My pfp is irrelevant
  4. Why would you compare me to all the silver genjis you play with?

Anyway, learn the basics before you start thinking of strategy.