SR loss for server closing

So we were in a ranked game on the verge of winning and the server closed on us. I figured, oh so there is no SR loss because it was blizzards server that shut down. That was not the case. I lost a full games worth of SR from a game we were literally seconds away from winning. My whole team does not deserve to lose this SR after how well they played. Please help us.

What was the error in the chat regarding the server?

  • Lost connection to game server = local/ISP/routing issue or disconnection

  • Game server closed due to unexpected error = server fault

I’m asking because one could possibly be prevented in the future with some troubleshooting, and the other is out of your hands.

In either case, I’m afraid it’s bad news in regards to SR losses. They have their policy outlined about never restoring SR, for any reason, even at the fault of the server. You can read up on it in this pinned thread:

game server closed due to unexpected error.