SR is hard rigged

The system is so hard broken it’s unbelievable. Did extended beta season even matter? It obvoiusly didn’t. I ranked low dia there, now i get treated like i’m a gold player and loose so much SR for one loss and win not many for a win… What the hell???


Youre worthy of gold, congratulations


There is obvious 3k+ players in my low plat alt doing placements

I was playing tank role the other day, won 3 games and ended up with 2278. The next game I get thrown into a team were our over all rank was 2503, I was the only gold player in that match (not even grouped with anyone.) We lost that 1 game and my 3 wins before that, resulted in nothing as I dropped to less SR than I started with before the 3 wins in a SINGLE game.

yep, it’s totally broken right now. I don’t know what’s going on. But

First it didn’T count the extended RoleQ Beta at all,
Second it’s trying to overcorrect far too much and you still have so much smurfs in your games cause they didn’t got placed differently then when the bugged season 18 started.

I mean blizz have stated on muliple occasions that beta season will not count towards season 18.

If you lose placements though you should be knocked downwards a couple hundred SR and climb sucka.

Each placement lost you should lose up to 100 imo

I just went 5-0 on an alt and placed 3360 played 76 was on fire onenmatch 87% had a enemy df that gave me issues he was good but not good enough i,had him switching to one shot cheeseballs over and over df, machine gun mecree and widow.

Ummmmm. It will though?

the thing is, the extended beta didn’t count.

what? No :smiley: Cause you already do.

so you want to tell me dps needs nerfs? Ok im fine with that.

Where did they say that? I’ve been looking but couldn’t find anything on the forums.

i got it from my placements. Was Dia, and 2600 before extended beta. Now i’m again 2600

Ruining the matchmaking experience for others while smurfing. “You should lose up to 100 imo” but too scared to play on his main.


Not a smurf an ALT… everyone was above 3k

What if I found out the truth? Like, the real truth. And told you that SR is 100% rigged and I have proof.

Guess what? You’d still play the game.

So just s.t.f.u., stop complaining and play the game.

no :smiley: I would stop. But you didn’t realize that i was thinking about this as a bug or ? so stop your harrasment.