SR drop and ban even though I rejoined and we won the game

Title says it all but… on top of all the smurfs, toxicity and problems with this game, I’m really furious about what just happened. I RARELY have internet issues. But on the last game, my router jammed up. I quickly restarted it, rejoined the game and we won it. Despite this I lose SR??? WHY!? Why did I rejoin for then if it was gonna ban me anyway?

It is that way so people actually take ranked seriously, imagine you playing ranked, then someone leaves the game to take out the trash, then comes back to play…

It’s one of the things the developers can do when there is 30 threads/day talking about The Leaver Problem, so if it is this way you can be sure they discussed about this for days…

Also there is no way to differentiate a legit disconnect from a fake one.

It is what it is

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There’s a time limit on rejoin am I wrong? Taking out the garbage and reconnecting and rejoining under that time limit and win the game is 2 completely different things. If I wanted to abuse I’d just sit in spawn move enough to be not kicked out of the game. The fact that there’s 0 effort to differentiate between the two is pretty sad.

How about reporting? Don’t those get reviewed? Can’t blizz easily review my claim and easily tell I came back tried my best and won the game?

Yes there is a time limit, basically the developers giving you a second chance to not ruin other people’s games, but you still got out of the game, so you get less SR

It’s virtually impossible to differentiate them.

It’s impossible to automate this, so they would need to hire people to review those claims, it also doesn’t scale for a game with this many players

Think about this, your claim will need to be reviewed by an actual person alongside another bazillion claims, maybe even in the next few days. Then the developers starts to realize that it’s better to work in OW2 than to build this whole new system just so you can get your get your SR again, the same SR you could get in 1/2 matches.

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and this is where your arguments make no sense cause I used that second chance to rejoin the game, won, got banned and LOST SR.
Not : “you get less SR” as you mentioned.

Arguments? i thought we were having a nice discussion ,but ok :sweat_smile:

The second try is not for blizzard to pardon you for your sins, but for you not ruin the rest of the game for the other players if you have the chance. Charges still apply

The law is:
If you got banned, then either you got DCd often, OW explicitly says this when you try to leave a comp game, or you just got reported.

I’m just trying to say that blizzard has to decide between letting everyone leave games often and ruining the experience for other players, or being nice with everyone.

If you have bad internet, just don’t play comp 4head, the system is there literally to scare away people with unreliable connections, which is a good thing.

If you have good internet, but DC’d, then you are just onlooky, go agane, but if you DC’d again, then blizzard is whatching you, but if you DC’d again, then you are just not fit for comp games.

Basically the problem is on you every time (in comcast actually).

If you leave/disconnect a game you have 2 minutes from when the server realizes you have left to return without getting penalized. After 2 minutes, your teammates have the option to forfeit and leave themselves without penalty. So once it reaches that point the game rules you have abandoned the match (even if you do make it back), and will mark you with a loss and penalty.

There are thousands of games daily that have a leaver, it would be absolutely impossible for there to be the manpower to review all cases of accidental leaving. Starting penalties are relatively small (15 minute suspension) to firmly push players to avoid Competitive Play until they can successfully troubleshoot their connection issue and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.

You can learn specifically about Blizzard’s policies here:

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Thanks for the reply however I still don’t understand something. I’m able to return without being penalized in 2 minutes. I rejoined the game and still lost SR. So I was still penalized after rejoining. This is the part that don’t make sense to me.

I didn’t look at the clock but if I’m able to rejoin and help my team win the game, why am I then being banned and penalized with SR. It’s very frustrating after apologizing to my team for internet issues, kill myself to overperform and get the win to see a “you’re banned” and -50SR.

Maybe don’t let people join after 2 minutes then? Cause I was absolutely let to rejoin game.

We’re forum volunteers and don’t have any say on how the system works. However, you can leave feedback for developers in the #competitive-discussion forum. They don’t monitor this one.